Saturday, January 01, 2005

Child Rearing Experiment

Subject Male, 7yrs. Kind of short, but cute, especially with his new teeth. :)

The visit with the nephew went wonderfully. He was a little incredulous about the whole 'where's all your stuff' thing and the lack of Game Cube but all in all - a success.

Yesterday we went up to New Hampshah to help our best 'couple' friends unpack. They've moved. He found a job he loves, their kids are now in one of the best schools, their home up there is so much more than they could've gotten in Massachusetts for the same money and my friend Jess is very, very content. Best thoughts to them obviously, but c'mon, we SO didn't want them to go. We unpacked, washed out cabinets, arranged furniture and ate pizza and then listen to them tell us why WE should move up to the Granite State. Nice try guys - we love you to death - but this is my home and I can't imagine leaving it.

The toy withdrawal wasn't an issue yesterday, seeing as we weren't home. I did bring the Gameboy (without telling him) and hid it under the seat. I figured I could give him 1/2 hour each way of play time. Well, he never even mentioned it. Huh. He was granted 1/2 hour today to use how he sees fit. There was a little bit of whining but the threat of subtracting the remaining 15 minutes has quelched that.

I was in bed by 11:15 last night, today we're stacking firewood and enjoying the sixty degree weather and then we're off to a hockey practice. The day's activities will be capped off with Star Wars (the first one, although I believe it's really the fourth one). Happy New Year!!

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