Tuesday, January 11, 2005

They have angered the Weather Gods

Torrential downpours and mudslides in California, along with blizzards in their mountains. I always figured California was a lost cause what with earthquakes and forest fires and never thought twice about it. But now I know of one person out there in L.A. and I like her too. Hope you're holding up okay out there, Kate.

And Gem, with gale force winds and torrential rains. Strange, strange weather the world has been having.

But all this has me wondering...

Could this be all stemming from the Brad and Jennifer split? Could the earth itself be rebelling? Is it feeling deceived by their huggy, snuggly selves?

Why proclaim your love to Diane Sawyer to let it all fall apart?

Damn you Angelina Jolie for showing Brad the path to happiness lies not in keeping your soul mates blood in a vial around your neck but in parenting. (plus you are a scary man eating lady Angelina and I would lock up my own husband were you to show your face in these parts) Jen, was spending the new year with Courtney, David and little Coco just too much pressure? Be fair, Jen, Brad may look good, but he's getting kinda old to be just starting with the baby thing.

Stop the madness you two.

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