Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's all over but the cryin'

Even with all the hubub I'm sorry to say that vacation is over. Back to the school/preschool/work grind tomorrow.

My husband's family is big into the Texas Hold 'Em stuff and because they're a huge family it seems like every get together has a table going now. Christmas day the husband won $100.00 and he won another $100.00 today. I can play poker but I haven't learned this game yet and I have no inclination to.

Christmas Day I went home early and missed the surprise homecoming of my husband's cousin from Afghanistan. His mom was there and cried for nearly an hour. He had alot of pictures and stories to tell and more importantly he's not going back -at least not right away. Well, he's going to Germany with the option to volunteer for more time in Afghanistan (which he will do) and then in July he'll report to another post to prepare for Iraq. This one's for you Mr. Bush *sticks up middle finger*.

I know he's relatively proud of what he's doing over there and I am VERY proud of him - lest you think I'm not a troop supporting girl. But do I really think we oughta be over there in the first place? No. I am a troop supporting, wishing them home safely, questioning the true reason for our involvement in Iraq girl.

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