Thursday, January 27, 2005

Who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neigh-bor-hood?

Okay, I didn't steal this from Lisa, but seeing as I am on snow overload I cannot seem to think of one original idea. So I copied. Thanks Lisa. :)

If I lived in Jennifer's neighborhood, I would be want to come with her to bingo and then let our kids all play together in the snow.

If I lived in Kate's neighborhood, I'd invite her over for Alias parties and take her to IKEA with me and then we would go to the beach and wear shorts - IN DECEMBER!! (WHY is there no IKEA in all of my state???)

If I lived in Lisa's neighborhood, I would drop subtle hints so that she would invite me over for goan potato or some other yummy delicacy she's whipped up.

If I lived in Gem's neighborhood, I would visit castles and 'ooh and aw' over the scenery and due to the fact that my dogs have a great dislike of all things feline I would fence in my yard.

If I lived in Blackbird's neighborhood, I would steal her Dyson and invite her to join our book club. Where wine, not judgement, is served.

If I lived in James' neighborhood, I would invite him (and his new girl too) over for the SuperBowl, The Big Dance, The Game, you know - some football.

If I lived in April's neighborhood, I would ask her to teach me some photography tricks and then invite her over for the Super Bowl. Riley, of course, is also invited.

If I lived in Willow's neighborhood, I would invite her over so I could hear that *hee-hee* in person. :) That is unless I have a 'head-rake'. ;)

If I lived in Tara's neighborhood, I would ask for a ride her her brandy new vehicle and let some of her happy spirit rub off on me.

If I lived in Michelle's neighborhood, I would ask her to show me all of the fun things she's discovered in her city and then we could watch movies, with subtitles, of course

If I lived in PixelPainter's neighborhood, I would invite her dog over to romp in the snow and then thank her for being a kind neighbor for not mentioning my 'winter wreath'.

The state of affairs: Where you would normally walk off of the front stairs of the deck you now cannot even see the stairs but the seeing as the snow is level with the deck and in some cases HIGHER than the deck you don't really need stairs. Besides, where's the fun if you can't sink almost to your WAIST when you take the dogs off the beaten/shoveled path.

Friends are coming over to visit us. On snowmobiles.

School has been closed for four days. That last sentence should give you a good idea about the tenuous state of my mental health.

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