Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things the Dog Has Eaten in the Past Three Months

1. Two loaves of bread.

2. Container of Peanut Butter (1/2 full)

3. Unopened Stick of Butter

4. Gingerbread house & all attached candy and gumballs

5. Guinea Pig cage stuff (recycled paper, droppings too - i assume)

6. Jar of Fish Food

7. 2 cupcakes

8. A dozen or so cookies (different types, left over from book group)

9. Tupperware container of guinea pig food (in all fairness he did leave the container)

10. A blow pop

11. Four hot dog rolls

12. Things I haven't realized he's eaten yet.

This dog is almost eleven years old. He's grey around the muzzle and his eyes are getting cloudy and he's developing some sort of cysty thing that I think is okay but with yipes, may not be. He's decided that if he can reach it - it's his. And he's tall enough to reach the top of the table and the back burner of the stove.

Never mind the fact that each and every time we leave the house we have to shut the bedroom doors and put things all over the furniture because he long ago decided that he just was NOT suited to sleeping on the floor. Unless it's the floor in front of the wood stove. He makes an exception for that.

People aren't kidding when they say that it's not about training the dog, it's about training the owners. We're always forgetting to stow the bread in the back corner of the counter before one of us is running out the door to the bus stop or put the extra cupcakes in the microwave before we leave the house. Because, while the dog might be trainable while we're home - he's whooping it up the minute we drive away.

Monday, February 26, 2007

We, uh, have finally sorted out the troubles with the girlie. Seems she has mono. Which, I'm actually - at this point - happy about. There was a brief scare on Friday where they were concerned about her liver not functioning correctly but that seems to have righted itself.

The strep throat thing from two weeks ago - mono related. Weird leg rash which turned out to be bruising - mono related. The bands on her socks and the seams that run up her legs on her pajama bottoms? They actually left bruises on her legs. Her blood wasn't clotting correctly.

Good times.

I'm praying the boy doesn't get it. Or anyone else we know, for that matter. Come to find out there was alot of water bottle sharing going on around here during our pond hockey weekends.


Hockey is going well for the boy this year. They're something like 18-1-2, which throws them in second place out of 48 teams. Playoffs start Sunday. We went to the coach's house for dinner last night and I joked that my husband was going to come with his dry erase board and notebooks. Coach P says "There'd be nothing better." and he meant it. This guy won't be getting much sleep all week.
But all it took was one "Hey, buddy - I really need you at skills this week, big week for us - it'd help to get another good skate in before the weekend" to my son and he was all agreeable about going to skills, which is the only part of playing hockey he complains about.
So, that being said I've invited Coach P to come over and give the prebook report pep talk next month. Because if there's one thing he complains about more than skills - it's book reports.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I thought I had a post started in drafts....

I guess not.

It's been a week. One of those weeks.

Lets see... it started, although I didn't know it at the time, with a complaint of a sore throat last Sunday (not the one that just passed, the one before). We'd spent the day skating and such and after dinner the girlie told me that her throat was bothering her. It was a busy Sunday which had followed a busy Saturday so I chalked it up to exhaustion, gave her some motrin before bed and forgot all about it.

Fast Forward: 9:50 p.m. Monday Night (i.e. last ten minutes of Heroes). She jumps out of bed and heads into the living room instead of the bathroom. Let's just say I spent the last ten minutes of Heroes scrubbing my carpet.

She threw up a few times on Tuesday and during the day on Wednesday. By Wednesday night though, the poor girl, she was s.i.c.k. sick. She hadn't really kept anything down since this whole thing started and I kept thinking 48 hours and it should be out of her system. It so wasn't. When we went to the pediatrician's on Thursday (where she basically just laid on the table and threw up a few times into their trash can) morning he wanted her admitted to the hospital - immediately. She had lost 12% of her body weight - in four days. So, my poor baby, we got her all checked in and IV'd up and there we sat. Tons and tons of fluids and lots of Nickelodeon. When it became clear that the puking wasn't going to stop she got some anti-nausea medication that worked wonders.

As a side note, to add to my mini-drama - my cell phone wouldn't work in the hospital and seeing that I had only one battery bar left...I shut it off and figured I'd keep it for the ride home. I tried to call the husband who had left for a four day fishing trip on Thursday morning, no luck. The hospital phone service A. couldn't charge a call to my Vonage telephone number or any cell phone number and B. wouldn't charge a third party call to a credit card. Nice. The nurse was nice enough to let me use the regular phone but I've gotta tell yeh...trying to arrange the rest of my life without a direct line to the outside world...was tough. Plus, my mom, who truth be told, is not the most maternal sort...well she just kind of stunned me with her ways. And while he was in Maine? My husband's water pump broke on his truck (and we are thanking god now he didn't decide to come home on Thursday night - broken down in Maine with a bunch of guys to help you is much, much better than being broken down somewhere on the highway in the dark, by yourself). But still, it was 15 below zero outside when they were fixing it. Oh, and on Sunday - when he woke up - he was sick too, with some Noravirus or something (or so says the doctor).

Anyhow, it ended up being strep with a side order of dehydration. It's amazing how fast your world can shrink down to where the most important thing is keeping 1 oz. of fluid down or debating whether you really need three wet wipes for her to get a clean urine sample.

She came home Friday evening and with one dose of antibiotic in her and some good ole fashioned chicken broth...she was well on her way to recovery.

Except for Saturday. When she got hives all on the tops of her feet. And then Sunday, with the girlie seemingly fine, we leave for hockey. Look At My Hands! She says as we're on our way. All red and hivey. I stop at the pharmacy, get some anti-inch stuff and some antihistimine spray and head to the rink. For a double header. The hives go away after a bit, as is the way with these things and again...she seems fine. That night though, I see them on her legs and arms so I give her some benadryl and snug her up in bed. Monday she is riddled with them. I call the doctor and get an appointment for later in the day...as a bonus I've noticed another rash is coming up...this one isn't itchy and is dark reddish with blotchy circles.

The doctor, who isn't one I normally see anymore because he's a bit of an alarmist...well, he alarms me. They're thinking the hives are an allergy to Zithromax (she's already allergic to Penecillin *sigh*) Lesions like these could be "askdjf;arejkdfjasakg" (insert the name of something I didn't even understand and couldn't possibly remember) and could form on her internal organs and let's get some blood work to make sure her kidneys are still functioning okay.


So yesterday evening it was more blood work and a pee sample and the eternal crossing of the fingers. I really think she's okay and the labs must've been fine because they haven't called me back. I balanced out the blood draw with a trip to Build a Bear. She had a rather large gift card but I had told her that she couldn't buy a bear, just outfits...she was okay with that but she was bumming. After the blood thing, I gave in, she got herself a bear and an outfit plus I got her new bear a set of pajamas and some sneakers. Getting rid of the crummies with a trip to her favorite store on earth...best medicine ever.

She goes for a recheck tomorrow. Like I said, I'm thinking she's okay...that this is just a strep reaction but gawd, whatta week.

Monday, February 12, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

Oh, library book sale, how I love you. A guilt free twenty five dollars and look at the take:

Odd Thomas and Forever Odd by Dean Koontz - I don't love Koontz or hate him but Odd Thomas is our latest book club choice so I figured I'd pick up the sequel too.

The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson - I've read In a Sunburned Country and A Walk in the Woods - both were great- how could I resist?

The World Below by Sue Miller - I liked something else she wrote, can't remember it now but for fifty cents...worth a shot.

The Narrows, Chasing the Dime, City of Bones & Angels Flight all by Michael Connelly - The Harry Bosch series comes highly recommended...again, why not?

Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells - Amy liked it.

With No One as Witness & Missing Joseph both by Elizabeth George. I read In the Presence of the Enemy and enjoyed it.

The Probable Future & Here On Earth both by Alice Hoffman - Meh, I'm reading Practical Magic now and maybe I'm not far enough into it but it's not grabbing my attention at all. Alot of people seem to like her... I'll give her another shot...

The Shipping News by Annie Proulx - I've wanted to read this for years and never got around to picking it up. Now that I have it, it just may sit for a year or so. Still, it'll be here when I need it.

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner - Okay, so Sarah Louise and MommaK both mentioned it in my comments the other day and what was the first book I saw when I got to the libraray? It must've been meant to be.

Blue Blood by Edward Conlon - I read a review for this years ago, back when it first came out and thought I'd like it. I stumbled on it this past weekend...we shall see...

To the Nines and Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich - I don't want to like these but I cannot stop.

Sherlock Holmes the Complete Novels and Stories - yeah, I'm not sure what possessed me, my latest mystery reading kick, I think. Still, I'm surprised I haven't read any of these and they may sit with The Shipping News but they'll probably get read.

The Glorious Appearing by Tim LaHaye - I know, I know. Me. Reading this. I've read all of them and one thing's for sure...Left Behind is where I'll be. And hey, if someday all the goodish people disappear they make it clear that I'll have plenty of chances to change my stubborn mind. What kills me is that the story could be phenomenal if only these books were written by someone with actual writing skill. Gahd, they're like reading bad fiction by a 6th grader. But I must finish what I've started.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck - Quite simply, one of my all time favorite books. Which I didn't own and now I only own a very crummy copy but at least I can read it at my leisure.

A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel - I don't know, I think I heard something good about this so I grabbed it.

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy - Yeah. Well, I skipped Amy's book review because I was sure it was downstairs on my book shelf waiting for a beach trip. Turns out that was Echoes or someother such title. I had to get it just so I could read it.

Maine - An Explorer's Guide - Maine. We love it and we're always looking for a new destination for a day trip.

Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox - Eh, we'll see. I'm in no rush for this one.

Hunting Season by Nevada Barr - I love this series, set in National Parks. I read Flashback awhile ago and just recently started at the first in the set. Perfect for the armchair traveler. As the real traveler's husband would need employment to fund his wife's jaunts to all of these places.

Some random Dean Koontz books, a book on National Parks, a Hardy Boys book, Howliday Inn and some easy readers for the girl (who is READING actual books!!!) and that about summed up the trip.

Oh. And if you happen to be at the mall with a friend and see some gloves that look mighty warm. Be sure to try them on first.

Or you may end up looking suspiciously like Cookie Monster.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a balmy twenty seven degrees today...

I think the word verification guys are privately applauding my newly honed skill of correctly typing their mumbo jumbo and are now giving me 15 letter things to type in.

Our Uno tournament has gone from weekend long to winter long and now my daughter is regularly saying things like "let's take it downtown" and then hits me with a Reverse, reverse, skip, draw two, draw two, six.

Let's take it downtown???

She's winning by a thousand points.

There are all these people posting about all these books that they've been buying/reading. I feel like an addict getting a fix when I read these things. And my 'to read' list keeps growing and growing...

Amy's been doing these fantastic book reviews and I will try to follow suit. I've just read the bestselling "The Memory Keeper's Daughter".


What? You expected more?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some random Tuesday Stuff

My computer is full. Or nearly so. A few weeks ago I had to dump about 500 meaningless pictures so that I'd have room to add 500 more meaningless pictures and a few Weird Al songs for the boy's shuffle. Are external hard drives easy to hook up? Does it just need a USB connection? Anyone?

*vent*I want to quit Daisy Scouts. I've recently discovered that the lady who is a co-leader with me, well she apparently never says no to her kids. Her kindergardener is up until 10:00 p.m. and she literally stopped the meeting in it's tracks so that she could question all of us as to how we got our kids into bed so early and she got all fake airheady and amazed "oh my god, did you hear that T? They go to bed at 8:00...how come you don't go to bed at 8:00?" ugh. And her son, literally runs wild through the library for the hour long meeting (we see the children's librarian speaking to him frequently) and interupts the meeting at least five times. And she takes cell phone calls during the whole meeting too. */end vent*

15+ inches of ice. Too bad it's almost too cold to skate.

One of our best friends just had some pretty major surgery. She made it through okay and her cyst wasn't malignant so we are breathing a huge sigh of relief. She called me on Sunday to tell me to take care of her husband and to let me know that if I or another friend was to end up with him somehow to make sure we keep him in line and to be kind of bitchy towards him because that's what he's used to.

A point of clarification : Hosting a "bookless" book club does not constitute a girl's night out for the hostess. Not that my husband reads this, I'm just sayin'.

Friday, February 02, 2007

MeMe or Not MeMe


Not me.
Not me.Me. (minus the logoy stuff)
Not me.
Me.Not me.


Not me.


Not me.Me.
Not me.

Not me.


Not me.

Not me.
Not me.

Me.Not me.
Not me.

courtesy of blackbird and badger

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is it really a post if I don't type anything?

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