Monday, February 26, 2007

We, uh, have finally sorted out the troubles with the girlie. Seems she has mono. Which, I'm actually - at this point - happy about. There was a brief scare on Friday where they were concerned about her liver not functioning correctly but that seems to have righted itself.

The strep throat thing from two weeks ago - mono related. Weird leg rash which turned out to be bruising - mono related. The bands on her socks and the seams that run up her legs on her pajama bottoms? They actually left bruises on her legs. Her blood wasn't clotting correctly.

Good times.

I'm praying the boy doesn't get it. Or anyone else we know, for that matter. Come to find out there was alot of water bottle sharing going on around here during our pond hockey weekends.


Hockey is going well for the boy this year. They're something like 18-1-2, which throws them in second place out of 48 teams. Playoffs start Sunday. We went to the coach's house for dinner last night and I joked that my husband was going to come with his dry erase board and notebooks. Coach P says "There'd be nothing better." and he meant it. This guy won't be getting much sleep all week.
But all it took was one "Hey, buddy - I really need you at skills this week, big week for us - it'd help to get another good skate in before the weekend" to my son and he was all agreeable about going to skills, which is the only part of playing hockey he complains about.
So, that being said I've invited Coach P to come over and give the prebook report pep talk next month. Because if there's one thing he complains about more than skills - it's book reports.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear everything is going okay and mysteries have been solved.

Will keep my fingers crossed for you that the mono ran it's last course. And I guess you can look on the bright side that she'll most likely not ever suffer from this again, the only down side is she'll carry it for life.

Ugh.. I feel for the boy... I hated book reports too!

Sarah Louise said...

Mono--I had that in h.s.! I remember being exhausted (finding journal entries that just say I'm so tired, I'm so tired.) That was the first year I watched the Oscars, I wasn't tired at night since I slept all day!

Amy said...

Mono bites. I had it, with a strep throat thing, too, in college. There were 500 stairs between my room and any meal, and I had to take breaks all the way down. NOT FUN.

And book reports? I'd rather have mono. LOL