Saturday, April 28, 2007

Treading Water (which I updated before I posted it)

That's exactly how I feel. Like I'm doing everything I have to just to keep my head above water.

1. A post about my mom that's sitting in drafts. Maybe I'll hit publish tomorrow, maybe not. Haven't spoken to her all week. Must shore up the defenses first.

2. The town wants to put the new police station in the park next door to my house. Basically it amounts to uber annoying lights coming in through my daughter's bedroom windows all night. And extra traffic because no matter what they say the buildout is projected for twenty years which puts us to the size of the town next door - and their police station? Is kind of busy.

3. My husband made a decision that will totally keep us in the same financial straits that we're in now. Super.

Updated Sunday evening to add:

Well, I guess yesterday it was all half empty over here. Today it's better - but marginally. Mostly because I've got to accept what I can't change and just move on. No use dwelling, right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Praying to the Movie Gods that This is as Good as it SHOULD be

So unless something changes the son has officially made the B hockey team and the husband is the head coach. But, because this organization takes itself waaaay to seriously - we are NOT supposed to know. It is to be business as usual until the teams are finalized. Instead, our friend - the boy's coach from this year - called us at 11:00 p.m. last night after the meeting to give me the lowdown.

The husband was one of the lucky ones. Apparently some of the higher ups actually take the trouble to stack the board of directors to ensure there's enough votes to get certain coaches appointed. A few good coaches got squeezed out by this little end run. The politics of it all kind of boggles my mind.

The trial started Monday for the husband's employer. I can't remember all the charges...mail fraud - probably the least important one of them all - is the only one that ever comes to mind. My husband is apparently loyal to a fault. He was offered another job with a smaller less established company. The details aren't important but the end result with this smaller company would've been alot more money in our pockets every week. He's scared to be the new guy on the block, so scared it would seem, that I think (and this could change by the time I speak to him again) he's staying put.


Oh, did I mention that I think he should jump ship?

On the bright side, the boy got a basketball hoop for his birthday and I can honestly say... we suck.

I have to add that I am so glad the birthday party stuff is done with. I may post about it - and probably will because I am still kind of annoyed and if I post it here no one in my real life will have to listen to me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ten Things about my Favorite Ten Year Old

He's officially hit the double digits.

My biggest kid is ten years old, here's a few things about him.

And yes I'm getting my brag on. It's well within my rights today.

1. Sure, they argue...but that boy loves his sister. I watched them walk into the laser tag room, older kids towering around them - he put his arm around her and led her off to the side to find a seat. It was the smallest of things but that's what it's all about.

2. He won a raffle today, for the coveted dalmatian webkin. And he conquered one of his biggest fears...he actually picked up the phone and called the adult in charge of the raffle to claim his prize.

3. One of his best friends acts like a complete imbicile when he's with a group...he shows off, gets uber-bossy and for the life of me I can't fathom why this friendship is still intact. Every time the kid started with his schtick today at the party my boy called him out on the crappo behavior and let it be known that it was over the top. It got dicey a few times but I was impressed.

4. He got a video game for his birthday that I've been wanting (Roller Coaster Tycoon - I know...Geeeeek) and he's SO excited for me.

5. He's playing Guitar Hero at his friends house and he's loving Free Bird and Carry On My Wayward Son. He's not musically inclined. At all. As far as I'm concerned I'll spring for the PS2 and the stinking guitar if it'll get him off Gwen Stefani. Oh, I won't. I impose a no video game buying zone from the first day of really nice weather until late fall or Christmas.

6. He semi-graciously accepted his first singing dessert that came with dinner tonight. He's painfully shy and it about killed him, but he turned five shades of red and smiled into his lap. Much improved over the crying and hiding under the table that he used to do when he was a preschooler.

7. He laughs so hard when he plays knee hockey that he cannot beat anyone except his sister.

8. He doesn't like me to read aloud to him, hasn't for years. Now, at bedtime, we curl up on his bed - each with our own book - and read together.

9. He recently said that he'd rather camp in Maine because there's so little to do at campgrounds. In Maine there is no electricity, water or toilets. It's woods, woods, a stream and some more woods. He wishes he could live like the Ingalls in the Little House on the Prairie collecting eggs from the chicken house, fishing in the creek and walking to school on their own.

10. He still wants us to lay down with him at bedtime and now, if he has something to get off his chest, he'll request me because he knows that it's our best talking time.

Today is the end of the season hockey party, so he'll be spending the afternoon playing street hockey with all the boys (and girl) he's laughed and hung with all year - what more could he want? And even better... it's not at my house, the dads will be there and I only have to bring cupcakes.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I know, I know.

Been awhile since I hit the publish button, eh?
Well - a word of advice.

When your son suggests that instead of a birthday party (his tenth! ACK!) he be allowed to spend the day at a local laser tag place with three of his best friends - do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw out the idea that a scavenger hunt party (To be held at HOME!) would be kind of cool too.

I'm just sayin'.

He latched onto that idea like a pitbull on a t-bone.

And finally, now that we're coming to the end of spring break...Spring. The weather's been atrocious, the kids have been bickerish. They both slept elsewhere last night which leaves me feeling a bit rambly and empty nesty this morning. It can be too quiet.

And now I have to go scatter some plastic BBs in the lawn and make sure there are only two or three pink legos in the big lego bin.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Kitchen Meme

In the kitchen with...Jenny (someone's in the kitchen with Jenn-nee, someone's in the kitchen I know oh oh, someone's in the kitchen with Jenn-nee, strummin' on the old banjo...") Sorry, Sarah Louise made me do it...

Variety is the spice of life.
In my cupboard, I have this many spices: Wow, thirty. ish.
Rack or no rack? I have a rack for like eight of them.
Alphabetize? Sorry, no.
Which spice do you use most often? Pepper. Exotic, eh?
Which recipe? Currently? BLT Dip.

It's like the pot calling the kettle black.
Coffee or tea? Neither. Unless it's iced tea.
Do you make coffee at home? No, the husband does but he says I make it too strong.
If you make tea, loose or in bags? Instant. Iced.
How many kinds of tea do you have? Two and one is yucky.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
I use my stovetop: as a counter. (It's gas and it so totally IS a fire hazard.) I've only set one paper plate on fire so far. I have a yankee candle on there too. Actually I don't keep too much stuff on there...the dog can reach any food I might put on the back burner.
I use my oven: All fall and winter. Much less in the spring and basically not at all in the summer. This too is a fire hazard. In our first apartment we had little cabinet space and I kept the wooden cutting board in the oven. Brilliant idea, no? No. I preheated the oven and sometime later smoke was pouring out of the kitchen and my husband opened the oven door to find a red, blistering (literally), about to combust cutting board. Oops.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
Soy or cow? Cow, have never even tried soy.
Skim or whole? Skim.
How many gallons a week? The whole family? Um, threeish.

Three items in my freezer (right now):
  1. Frozen Waffles
  2. Chicken Thighs
  3. Tortellini

Three things in my fridge (right now):
  1. Milk
  2. Easter Eggs
  3. Pastrami

Item I am most chagrined about: Just how empty or filled with almost empty containers my fridge is. Food shopping with the kids during school vacation? Ugh.

Item I bet no one else has: Muffalata spread. Or some expired Ceflex (my doctor's don't regularly prescribe anitbiotics so I'm hoarding what they did give us.)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Return of the Prodigal Dog

The dog came home around 4:15 a.m. I heard him do his usual "it's nightime so I bark softly with a 'woof ' instead of a WOOF" bark.

The smell of recently sprayed skunk greeted me as I opened the door.

I sigh and begin my search. See, he won't come back INTO the yard because he has his electric fence collar on. It's not worth getting shocked to come back home and sleep on the boy's bed and dine on Iams Weight Control food. So, I wander around and the flashlite beam falls on a pair of yellowish eyes. I can't see anything else so I head in that direction. By the time I get there - he's gone but I hear him running through the leaves. Or at least, at this point, I'm hoping it's him and not a coyote that I'm chasing down. Because that? Would suck.

Anyhow, I next spot him (and it was him - this time I could make out his outline) running by another neighbor's yard. I know he's trying to work out a way to get closer to our yard but he's not keen on electrocution (the baby) so he's giving it a wide berth. I get closer and he runs across my path - not even glancing in my direction. Nice. He goes in a big patch of trees and underbrush in the neighbor's yard. I go in but am quickly blocked by an errant stick filled azelea and some other green stuff. So I back out and walk until I can get a glimpse of him. I call him and he comes out, head bowed down. I take his shocker collar off and he runs. Straight toward the neighbor's porch. Again, nice. I have to physically hold his regular collar and walk him over the invisible fence line. He bolts for the porch, goes in the house, drinks a bowl of water and passes out on the living room floor - too tired to climb the stairs to the boy's room.

His paw pads are h.o.t. hot. Like he's been running on the pavement for a few hours. There ain't a heck of a lotta pavement around here unless you count the main roads and a parking lot in the camp next door. Hmmmm. I've no idea where he's been or what he's been up to.

And for some blessed, it's no longer Friday the Thirteenth reason - the skunk sprayed but it DID NOT spray the dog. Phew.

At least I can sleep tonight.

Friday, April 13, 2007

it's 11:45 p.m.

The dog ran through the electric fence (with the shock collar on) around four thirty this afternoon and hasn't come back yet.

Our friends didn't see him at the Little League fields. The police/dog officer hasn't been called.

Guess who's nauseous and won't be getting any sleep?

A Few Things

My girl is totally reading. She read The Giving Tree to me last night. I cried. Not from the sheer joy of my baby reading but that story tears me up. Well, plus my baby read it to me.

Another girlie thing: She will ignore every part of Survivor but when the challenges come on - she's all business. She actually claps for the teams and cheers when they come on the screen. She doesn't quite get my love of YauMan but she will, she will.

The boy and I saw five deer last night while we were doing some errands. We pulled over to watch them graze and walk around. I never get tired of that.

My printer died and I'm getting a fancy schmancy new one. Well, not really fancy schmancy but new. And for whatever reason it was forty dollars cheaper on the Staples website than in the store AND it was shipped next day for free. Seems impossible and maybe there is some garganutan screwup but I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be scanning and copying and color printing by later today.

The dog snores as loud as a passed out drunk man.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Guess who has a book report due on Friday?

Yeah well that would be my kindergarten girl.

Somebody, shoot me.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Uplifting and positive?

Is that what I said before?

Yeah, well strike two.

Not really...just being my usual contrary self.

We actually just had a great night out at a friends house. So nice when your kids are all of similar ages, the boys are best friends and you can laugh until you cry.

G'nite now.
Okay, yeah so that was mean spirited, wunnit?

Well, a girl can only take so much. Yesterday she apparently wanted to start the 'trash it up' thing a bit early because when the girls couldn't find six of the plastic eggs she suggested we just leave them because she was cold.

That's the way to show 'em.

Moving on.

I have gotten entirely too much sleep for the past four nights and it has finally caught up with me. I woke up at 3:18 this morning and let the dog out and cleaned the kitchen. Then I figured I'd read for awhile because sleep? Not happening. I went to bed around 4:40 a.m. still not tired...I fell asleep before the husband left for work around 5:45. My girl let me sleep until 7:30 when she not so gently reminded me that I was supposed to hide some more plastic eggs for her to find (while her brother was at a friends house).

The never ending egg hunting.

Did I mention I'm not a huge fan of Easter?

Am I so totally negative all the time? Or just lately? Or just today?

Oh, and the boy doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny anymore. One down, one to go. Not really, I mean, it just paves the way to the big S-A-N-T-A question but damn, I wish I didn't have to go outside at 5:30 a.m. to hide the eggs. And no, we can't do it the night before...the dog will eat them, shells and all.

Okay, before I go I will think of one good and uplifting thing to post here...


so, maybe not.

Strike One.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Daisy Scout Correspondence or Why I Want to Scream by Six Thirty on Thursday Evenings

oh yeah; you know how we have trash pick up planned on a certain day? about if we ask for a volunteer (s) (parent?) to 'trash it up' for us? you know; sort of litter
out on the fields of twc...maybe in the playground area ;' or near the edges we won't get in the way if there is something going on....
it can be easy stuff for the girls to pick up; like plastic bottles...crumpled up newspaper...nothing gross.!!!!!!

Note: Fucking "Trash it up"? Seriously, she'd have someone go and litter all over the place. I'm sure the parks department would LOVE that idea. (And no they wouldn't as I spoke with the chairman yesterday)

My reply to her: "As far as the trash pickup goes, if the girls miss even one piece of rubbish we’ve essentially done a disservice to the park. I think they could handle picking up real trash, it may be a little gross but littering is gross and that’s the whole point"

Jenn and I have to find out 1.) the weather for next Thursday!!,
and 2.) if we can do this outside of the library......
*****Hey Jenn....let's look into the old Town Hall right near the library!!!!
we will let all of you know before next meeting where the egg hunt will be. stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
********important!!!! have the girls wear their daisy tunics next week! a.) if they are outside; they will be recognized as girl scouts...not just little girls running around !!!! and b.) they can put their plastic eggs that they find in their little pockets of the tunics!!!!!!!!

Note: (gah! what's with the italics?? - sorry it's copying her format) Next to the Old Town Hall, eh? Okay, let's review. This building sits at the convergence of three main roads and one of the town's two stop lights. There's also a parking area and a deep detention basin as well as landscaped flower beds...perfect for tuniced little girls to be running through.

I will do that today...
if anyone is Willing to try to sell the remaining would be helpful; otherwise; we have to buy them.

Note: So many oooooos and yyyyyys - whyyyyyyy?

S: please still plan on bringing snack/drink because there is a separate area away from the tumbling area especially for snack-time.

Note: Yeah, S. Please bring a snack because the girls only have fifty minutes in this tumbling class we paid entirely too much to attend and I think it's VITAL that they take ten minutes of that time to have cupcakes and juice boxes. Not that we could do this after the class - that would make too much sense.

B suggested Summer Vacations.
Please bring in 4 or 5 pics that your girl
has happy summer vacation memories of.
actually a lot of our best vacations have been in the winter...I was thinking just "vacations" as the theme, what do others think?

Note: What do the others think? The others think that entirely too much time was wasted actually thinking it mattered. Summer vacations or winter vacations....hmmm...a scrapbook made in daisies by a six year old....let's call it 'Vacations' and get over it.

Oh, and a point of clarification - the colors, fonts and dubious use of exclamation points and asteriks? Not my doing. Once I got an email saying she couldn't make the meeting. In eight point Bernhard Fashion (go, try it out...).

So glad it's April.

Still to Come:

1. The reasons why I am tearing my hair out when it comes to corresponding with the Daisy Scout troop leader.

2. How I spent my Tuesday washing sparkling apple juice out of my son's hockey gear.

3. Will Sanjaya actually win American Idol? Is Katie trapped in Tom/Scientology trap?

Okay, never mind.

First of all, I will not be posting about washing hockey gear. Suffice it to say, it's smelly. The team lost yesterday. In a heartbreaker of a game, in overtime. The boy played so well and so hard - I couldn't have been prouder. Anyway, after the game coach herds them all into the shower area and the coaches shake up a bunch of those sparkling juices in the champagne type bottles and they SOAK the kids...and then the kids dumped buckets of ice all over the coach. The place was trashed, the boys left smiling and all was well.

And American Idol and Tom/Katie? Not really going to post on these but they do cross my mind.

But I will be back to post about the daisies. Once I stop banging my head on my desk.