Monday, April 02, 2007

Still to Come:

1. The reasons why I am tearing my hair out when it comes to corresponding with the Daisy Scout troop leader.

2. How I spent my Tuesday washing sparkling apple juice out of my son's hockey gear.

3. Will Sanjaya actually win American Idol? Is Katie trapped in Tom/Scientology trap?

Okay, never mind.

First of all, I will not be posting about washing hockey gear. Suffice it to say, it's smelly. The team lost yesterday. In a heartbreaker of a game, in overtime. The boy played so well and so hard - I couldn't have been prouder. Anyway, after the game coach herds them all into the shower area and the coaches shake up a bunch of those sparkling juices in the champagne type bottles and they SOAK the kids...and then the kids dumped buckets of ice all over the coach. The place was trashed, the boys left smiling and all was well.

And American Idol and Tom/Katie? Not really going to post on these but they do cross my mind.

But I will be back to post about the daisies. Once I stop banging my head on my desk.


Amy said...

oh, I am sorry for the game loss, but it sounds as if the coach and players both had fun and enjoyed themselves. That's what matters.

Sorry, I just can't do Idol, and Tom/Katie are just too weird for me (but as I see it, it has all been her choice!)

P.S. Today, at 4, ESPN - RED SOX!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Sarah Louise said...

What Amy said, except, I really used to like Katy and...yeah, I guess I can't even open that bag of worms...but my heart does break for her. (Even if it was her choice--it's not a great place to be, where she is.)

oh, and I don't understand baseball.

But Hockey--woo that they played hard and got apple juice dumped on them, boo that they lost. Is the season over now? The Pens made it to the Playoffs, not that I've been following local sports too well this year.