Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It seems as if my going Christmas Shopping has become a rain dance of sorts.

Every time I go it rains. And by rain I mean torrential downpours.

If I told my husband my little theory he'd say it was god was crying just thinking about our checking account balance.

On the bright side, in the world of free toys...

The girlie was given a FREE Herbie zipzap car yesterday. Just because the man in the store thought she was cute and since the package was opened...presto. Small presents from men are a way of life for her already...she's been given a dollar from the full serve gas man (actually two different men, two different times), hockey puck at a Bruins game, polished rocks at the gem store and so on. It appears I'm raising a future kept woman. High aspirations I have.

And after all maybe god should be crying. When the Amazon order was delivered today there were three books for me and only one small thing for the kids. oops. But I wanted to choose my book club book early. Has anyone read "The Last Days of Dogtown" by Anita Diamant? Any of the six of you who visit me? Well, maybe eight.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ever have one of those spells, where you can find the negative in any situation? It's a temporary thing, but for the past month or so it's been plaguing me.

And finally, it has gone.

Monday Morning: Hot mulled cider in the office instead of coffee. *smooch* to the Building Inspector.

Monday Afternoon: Finding a babysitter for this weekend's Christmas Party. And not needing one for next weekend's.

Monday Night: All of a sudden feeling like I've come out of a fog of sorts.

Sunday, November 27, 2005 has been four days since my last post....

I was catholic at one time...that's how the whole confession thing starts if I'm not mistaken...hmmmm...


thank you all for the wine recommendations but the blue laws in Massachusetts forced me into quick action on Wednesday evening and well, I ended up with some vanilla rum and Sam Adams instead.

The weekend in pictures:

We took what can only be called the best shortcut in history to the seaside town where we had the first of two delicious dinners. It's a highway. A closed highway. My husband's jobsite and while it isn't quite, well, open yet it was nearly a straight route and saved us fifteen minutes and we only had to drive around some barrels and sawhorse type things to do it.

There was turkey and liquor and only minimal stuffing (dog ate it) and green beans (sold out) and pie. Multiple pies. And cousins, or sort-of-cousins as they are my stepfather's nephews and for lack of an easier word we call them cousins. And my kids love them. The son, because they are three fun boys and my daughter for sadly, the SAME reason, the little vixen.
And as I am letting my daughter take this and about 95 other pictures with my old $250.00 camera she caught one of the boys taking pictures with his mom's new $800.00 camera. Heh.

And then we were off to the in-laws. For more turkey and sweet potatoes and while they are lovely my son does not get along so well with the cousin at this house. It is a matter of seeing this cousin too many times and there are some, ehem, behavior issues there...enough said. But my husband's brother and his wife are expecting and there were ultrasound pictures and baby name discussions and it was all good family goodness.

And Friday.... the tree farm not yet open. *sigh* But we liberated a some pie and coolwhip from my inlaws. And made coolwhip noses....
And coolwhip chins...

And Saturday... a cheesy but fun hayride where I lost the price list and we wandered about looking at ribbons and trees and trying to guess how much trees cost. An arm? A leg? Or, for the 8 foot perfect fir...both??? But then the ladies custom made my wreath and charged me less than the premades and all was right. Oh, and I saw the cutest boxwood christmas trees and instead of making me buy a cute little tree they sold me the base and the oasis for dirt cheap so that I could make it myself. Hello, Christmas spirit.

And then hockey. (7-1-1 in case you were wondering, which I know you aren't but heh...I'm proud). And then, I was convinced that attending the party at The Worst Offender's house would be a good idea, and so I went. And there were drinks and because he works in chicken sales, lots of chicken snacks. It was better than expected, especially because after a talking to by the coach, the parents are yelling positive things and the rink is fun again so there was no angst.

And today there was tree decorating and house decorating and ice skate purchasing and whispers of gifts to come.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A post AND a question. It's two for one day!

*pin dropping* boy, it sure got quiet around here. Maybe I should try an interesting post, you say? Not sure that's what this is...but it's a post and that should count for something. How about a post and a QUESTION?

And so. We have been invited for drinks at the house of The Worst Offender (crazed hockey dad). I suggested a polite decline as we were going to decorate the tree on Saturday evening. The husband only hears 'drinks' and tells them we'll be there.

I find I am no longer that good at pretending to like people that I do not, in fact, like. Or maybe I'm okay at it but after a few drinks I find I don't really want to be bothered with the whole pretending. Lest you all think I have no manners, I am not rude, only quiet. So quiet that others, who know me well, will call the next day to make sure that I am alright. And these others, the phonecallers, will also be there, so maybe.

Some days I have such a yearning to get my kids home from school. So that they are home. With me. Today was a day like that.

Today's plan: Pecan Fudge from Angie and some sort of cookie. I'm thinking bruschetta too, not very Plimoth First Thanksgivingish, but good. Will some of the bruschetta keep until Saturday? Hmmm.

Packages have started arriving, presents are hidden away, the tree will be cut on Saturday. Time is flying by.

Oh, and now for the and/or wine recommendations for tomorrow? I'm needing help as I drink neither and walk through the wine section dangerously close to choosing a bottle based on the label design.

Enjoy your day, your family, your friends, your dinner, your football.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 21, 2005

VW tagged me with a quick and painless goes:

1. Do you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning?

Virtually never. Unless we have 6 a.m. ice time which requires a 4:45 wake up time. Although, my son usually wakes up on his own for those....too excited for the full sheet practices I I just set it as a backup.

2. What time do you set it for?

Um. 4:45. But that's only occasionally because usually the husband has early morning ice duty.

3. Do you hit the snooze button? If so how many times?


4. Have you ever abused an alarm clock?

No, I don't wake up grouchy. Usually.

5. It’s time to spread some “It’s Blogcess” linky love.

Instead of spending my time here on this cute little flat screen Dell reading and typing I've been spending my time here on this cute little flat screen Dell uploading and ordering pictures and calendars and christmas gifts and such.

The girlie has a bonus day of school tomorrow because of some Friday mixup so I'll be free for three and a half hours. FREE. Of course, it may be my one last opportunity to shop daughterless so I'm taking full advantage. Target, 9:00 a.m. Be There.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Slacker: N. One who slacks. Who posts Friday's Show and Tell on Sunday. Who tries to serve cereal for dinner so that she won't have to go to the grocery store. Who hasn't ordered the darn Christmas Card pictures yet.

So, The First Order of Business

A French English teeny tiny dictionary. It was my grandmother's. And while it is kept on my desk I speak not a lick of French. Cripes, I'm barely treading water with English some days. But I love it nonetheless.

Red bows on a favorite dog.
My son wanted a red room. Two red walls was our compromise. Or, wait... sorry - it was all my choice as he had no idea that while he was fishing in New Hampshire I'd be completely redoing his room. This is my favorite of the two red walls.

Sadly, more burgundy than red but hey...cardboard is cardboard.

And that concludes this week's edition of Show and Tell.

In other news, a local Mite hockey team has moved to 6-1-1 on the season and soccer is done until Spring. The hockey parents were politely asked to tone it down a bit. Most everyone was okay there was only one "If I can't cheer for my son than he won't be playing in this league". Well, Goodbye Mr. Worst Offender. You won't be missed.

I spent yesterday purging my children's rooms of all of the unused toys. I LOVE doing this. My room is next. My room is always NEXT. Some other project always seems to jump in the way. Of course, some other project might be Survivor or this blog or something but my definition for project isn't as well thought out as my definition for slacker.

And now it's Sunday. There are three extra children at my house. And somehow it is quieter than when it is just my two.

My in-laws have returned from their vacation/house hunting trip to South Carolina. I'm curious to see what they've found.

Late afternoon sunlight looks perfectly golden from my bedroom window and none of my pictures do it the least bit of justice.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. Holy doom and gloom. Boy it's been fun over here for the last few days, eh? Well, things are looking up now...

2. I went Christmas shopping last night. My little spreadsheet list is all updated color coded and geeky.

3. Last week, in my Thursday Thirteen I wrote that I had told a real live friend about this site. And not only did I tell her, but I gave her the actual link. I sent it before I could second guess my thinking. She's been nothing but fabulous. Many thanks, C.

4. It is hard to feel Christmasy when it is 65 degrees and sunny out. Of course, that was yesterday's weather. It's supposed to be 17 degrees tomorrow night.

5. I might go to Ikea today but am a little frightened. They had to close the exit ramps on the highway because they were all choked up with traffic last weekend - the grand opening. Seriously, that's crazy. But I am tempted nonetheless.

6. C & I were trapped in the brand spanking new twenty four hour a day walmart last night. Note to readers: Apparently some major cashier mojo goes down around midnight. Beware.

7. Yes, walmart at midnight. New and clean and oh so quiet. Plus the cashiers can laugh at you while you fail miserably at the self checkout.

8. My son got his report card this week and it was spectacular. Hurray!

9. Well then. I've returned from the behemoth IKEA store. There are those airport guys with the flashlites directing traffic everywhere. And the stuff. So much stuff. With names like dkhfajelnk and asdlthoaeirjrk. I have concluded that if nothing else, those Ikea folk have mastered the fine art of packaging. They could make a sofa fit into a tissue box.

10. I am excited to construct my purchases. One of which is red and will come in muy handy for the show and tell tomorrow. Who knew that you'd need a screwdriver and wrench to make a cardboard storage box.

11. I am trying my hand at making chicken pot pie for dinner tonight. Looks easy enough.

12. One more with the sad and gloomy....

13. My mom had to put her dog Daisy to sleep today. She was 14 and had lymphoma. She was a gentle soul. Love you Daise.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, that was a good lesson to learn. When you find yourself in a snit about something and want to fire off an email, make sure they aren't going to be able to access your unedited thoughts along with the email. That being said, I'm curious to see what Sunday's game will be like.

Is it bad to wish your daughter would quit the Daisy Scouts after only three meetings?

I am pleasantly surprised that Christmas is only 44 days away.

Sadly, Laguna Beach's second season ended last night. And by sadly I mean with tears. I totally cried.

Hey guess what....the husband's company, the one that was in a little bit of trouble?

Yeah, well the Federales just "slapped contractor XXXXXXXX Inc. with a civil complaint Wednesday, charging it with defrauding the government on 224 federally-funded road building projects between 1995 and 2003."

My, my, my.

Ways to alienate people you know. Volume one.

I had to delete the hockey post as there was a little mixup when I sent the video link to the coach. The video link that refers them back to this here site. With that there post. Yeah. Great.

I changed the video tags and description and made my link invisible and then I checked my little stat counter thing and it doesn't appear that anyone visited my site from the video URL. And no one mentioned it at last night's practice. So, while I can't quite breathe a sigh of least I can breathe.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hey, guess what...

My son has a hockey game later and you all are coming with me.

Excellent, my house, two p.m. - don't forget your gloves.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Damn Haloscan. Apparently, when I tried to do the comment moderation thing back during that scary quiz from hell in AUGUST it decided that it would wait until a random day in November to take effect.

Sorry 'bout that.

But *sniff* I was getting all lonely over here for awhile.
For The Show and Tell....

Let me preface this post by stating that I have the beverage maturity of the average 10 year old. I don't like coffee, tea, beer or wine. My experiences with them are as follows:

Coffee, I've had it twice. And a few sips on accident when I thought I'd be sipping hot chocolate. Not impressed, but I'd give it another go if I could find the right flavor. But then again, I might just hate it because I can't even stomach coffee ice cream.

Tea. Instant Iced Only.

Beer. I've had it a few times. Each time it was ice cold and from a keg and there were no other options. And each time I ended up pretty well drunk. So maybe it's not all bad or maybe after a few it goes down smoother. I can't remember.

Wine. I get the splitting headache with even a half of a glass and mostly it's kind of bitter and puckery and why would I drink bitter and puckery? I must be missing something.

Well, now that's out of the way. Here is a picture of my favorite, HAH, who am I kidding? ONLY mug. Actually we have four. They were wedding gifts and are stored up and out of the way because my husband puts his coffee in a travel mug to go. But they're good for cocoa.

And if I'm drinking out of this it means we're probably ice skating on the pond or at the Christmas Parade so this one is good too.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. I saw a bald eagle on my way to work yesterday. Tough commute, eh?

2. We went to a game dinner at a local restaurant last night. The monopoly dog was sauteed to perfection but the twister mat was a little chewy. hohohohoho, really though it was all the usual suspects: Bambi, Thumper, and that wild boar from Lost....yum.

3. My clean laundry sits on my bed and it mocks me.

4. I am positvely itching to start decorating for Christmas. Too soon?

5. I did something totally off the cuff the other day. Remember how this was a super secret, not even my husband knows this blog exists blog? And then I told my husband? Well, I told another soul. A real life friend. Half of me is freaking out that I did. And the other half? Pretty much doesn't mind.

6. There are actually movies coming out that I'd like to see. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Walk the Line are topping the list. So far.

7. Free Pass: You can skip to Number 10 if sports talk makes you loopy.

8. Any of you who've been visiting here for awhile know that I love my Patriots and Red Sox. And yet, I have hardly posted about them. What can I say about the Red Sox? They let Theo leave. THEO. They are dumber than I thought. I'm caught in the keep Manny, trade Manny quandry. I will miss Bill Muelller. Badly. And Millar, too, but not badly. There are many many others. Sigh.

9. What in godsgreenacres has happened to the Patriots??? I know, I know. Injuries. Here are a few:
Kevin Faulk (still out)
Corey Dillon (back, but limping)
Patrick Pass (still out)
Matt Light (still out)
Troy Brown (back, seems OK)
Richard Seymour (still out)
Rodney Harrison (still out)
Randall Gay (back, but limping)
Guss Scott (still out)
Tedy Bruschi (back, but not up to speed yet)
Willie McGinest (playing with a broken hand)
Tyrone Poole (still out)
Ellis Hobbs (back)
Chad Scott (still out)
But there is something else. The fundamental fire within them. As a team. As underdogs. Failure to capitalize on interceptions and such doesn't help. Neither does the fact that the defense could not stop stinking Peyton Manning. Not even with smiley Tedy coming back. Sigh.

10. My mom doesn't cook anymore. It kind of freaks me out. Unless there's a holiday. And then she serves canned vegetables. Canned Sweet Potatoes, people. It's all very strange. And her Thanksgiving stuffing is so terrible that my sister and I made a box of Stovetop once at the eleventh hour because you cannot have Thanksgiving without edible stuffing.

11. I found three rolls of film to be devloped. I love when I do that, when the pictures are a surprise.

12. I'm doing my second card making class tonight. The only downside? Lack of envelopes. You have to make your own, I guess.

13. My Excel Christmas shopping spread sheet is coming along nicely. I am determined to stick to the list this year. I find that if I finish shopping to early though I end up picking up a few things here and there and blowing the budget. Not. This. Year.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Say hello to Gordon

Now, how annoying is that? Now multiply it by forty gagillion to account for the throwing up/resulting headache/trying to nap. But then divide by the amount of times my daughter cracked up lauging because a. he was found sound asleep on the kitchen table; b. he plays tug of war with you and doesn't leave your shoulder dislocated (as does the large dog) and c. would follow her for whatever cockamamey scheme she had planned.

What you are left with is this: Dog sitting for the brother in law is temporary. It ends and because he makes the girlie laugh...he was tolerable.

Tolerable. He whines with virtually every breath. He has a taste for colored pencils. He is a jackapoo, which even sounds ridiculous. He barked. And barked. He has a cute face and a weird shaped body. Did I mention the barking?
Okay, so you can either love Jennifer and Lisa for telling me about system restore. Or not. Because now you've got videos.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I need to see the wizard

Okay, so I've been attempting to post. Trying to think of something...and I thought I had it. And then...a wrench. In the works.

It seems as if when I foolishly/stupidly/i don't need another photosoftware program so why did I bother? downloaded comacast photo show or whatever it's called, well, it decided that that little picture wizard Mr. Gates gave me with Windows XP, it decided it wasn't necessary anymore. It's gone. And with it apparently went my ability to get my little mpeg files off my camera.

I need my wizard.

Besides that, I'm well. And you?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oof. I was bitten by the stomach virus bug. The son, who was sick Thursday and Friday, was kind enough to share the wealth and, lucky me, I was the recipient. So, after literally RUNNING out of book group on Friday evening and spending yesterday in a cross between "I hope I can keep this popsicle down" and "How many episodes of 'Made' can I possibly watch?" I am feeling only a little better today. Uck.

Friday, November 04, 2005

12 Step Show and Tell

Photos of our addictions.

Hmmm. I've never actually seen caffeine so I was unsure how to photograph it. And the whole nose spray thing. I know, you are addicted even if you are currently not using it...the whole "once an alcoholic always an alcoholic" thing. But the photo of spray did nothing for me.

Instead here they are. In order from least impact on my life but I would be sad without them to ohmyhowwouldievergetonwithoutit.

So, so delicious.
These little red envelopes. They save me from going all loopy when there is nothing on the tee-vee. Their contents keep me busy during the late night bouts of insomnia. Sometimes I don't check up on my queue just so that I can be surprised. *coughGEEKcough* I would experience some sort of withdrawal if this were all to end.

And finally, last but certainly not least considering the way this has impacted my life...
Now, I don't post every day. But that doesn't mean I'm not there, reading the comments, trying to update the design, checking on the blogroll, taking those insane quizzes. Do I really need to know my mafia hit man name? Or what kind of pie I am? YOU CAN BET I DO.

I am hopelessly addicted to it. And it's all YOUR fault. But I really don't mind one bit.

*UPDATE: It seems as if coffee is *surprise* addicting....but what is this venti???

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. We just lost power and my too long post was eaten up. Just when I feel like I have something SO important to share. And do you want to know what it is that was so important? Yes? Well, good. Gives me a reason to move on to Number 2.

2. Ikea. Is. Coming. I've never been and finally, finally there is one that will be closer than a 2 hour drive. A drive that can be measured in minutes. As in 20 minutes. November 9th.

3. I just finished the Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Eh.

4. I'm done with Freecycle. Ditched again. Off to goodwill I go.

5. My neighbor's cat has been haunting my yard. A cat is the ONLY thing my dog will go through the electric fence for. This cat comes in the yard and sometimes the dog spots him and gives chase. Once he realizes he's out he trollops around for awhile, goes for a swim in the lake, goes to the park to shag baseballs for the little league, hits up the snack bar and is either A. Picked up by Animal Control (hey, say Hi to Fred while you're there) or B. Comes almost home. He walks around the perimeter of the yard whining. Should I be angry that I've spent ALOT of money on a fence which keeps my dog contained 99% of the time and they let their cats wander freely? Cats that they must consider dispos-a-pets as they live on the main road and they've lost 5 to cars. Well, it doesn't matter if I should be angry or not. I am. Next step, garden hose.

6. Rowr. Holy anger management issues, Jenny. But seriously, if I have to listen to my neighbor's daughters scream "BAXTER, KNOCK IT OFF...BAD DOG" at my dog one more fucking time for barking like a wild cur when their cat comes wandering into my yard I think I'll turn the hose on them. Actually, what I do is call my dog over and scratch him behind the ears and say "Good bubba, bad, bad kitties" in my smooshy talking to dogs and babies voice. And no, I won't really turn the hose on my neighbor's daughter. I do however ask her why it's okay for her cat to chase and kill a bird but not for my dog to give chase to the cat. A cat he could never catch by the way.

7. We have a hockey parents meeting coming up so they can tell us how they deal with rude, disrespectful parents. Parents who might yell at the refs during their fourth grade son's game and, say, flip them off. Or parents who might berate the coaches by yelling "Open your Eyes - Can't you Count???" when the coach accidentally doesn't send a full shift out during a line change. Both happened in the past few weeks in my son's league. I can't say that I'm surprised, hockey is an intense, contact filled sport. But I am disappointed and embarrassed. I mean, christ, it's a GAME people. And they are KIDS. Kids who need to be taught to respect the coaches and the referees. Setting a fine example these parents are. Idiots.

8. Wow, look at me getting all long and ranty. Venting is good for the soul.

9. Whoa. Venting is also a good way to lose track of time....I just about missed the busstop there.

10. I hope I don't have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for at least 10 years. I can do it. I just don't want to.

11. My brother in law and his wife got airline tickets to meet my inlaws in South Carolina next week for their first anniversary. We got a picture frame, decorated with roses and a hallmarky sentiment next to the opening for the picture. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth and all of that...but really...

12. I don't know why, after 15 years of knowing them, do I hope that my inlaws would treat my husband the same way they treat his brother and sister. Blind optimism, I guess.

13. The recent overplaying of the Ipod commercial with Eminem makes me realize how much I still am crushing on him.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, naturally, was a big success. They got almost seven pounds of candy between them. That's alotta freakin' candy.

Have you heard of Freecycle? It's like a free local ebayish thing. You post what you've got and maybe someone wants it and will come pick it up.

Sounds simple enough but why, fortheloveofgod, do I always get A.)The ditchers, the ones who will email you with all detailed info about when they'll be coming to get the crap and then NEVER show up. Or B.)The skeeves, the ones who will email you about their interest in one of your things (dirt devil junior vacuum for instance)and then proceed to email you again to ask if you know of anyone who has any 2-3T girls clothes. And then again to say she'll take the other things I posted today. And then again to mention that if I might happen to have more stuff that I want to get rid of she'll be happy to take it off my hands and just give whatever she doesn't use to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Seriously. I just got the Hurricane Katrina victims email a little bit ago and it's left quite a bad taste in my mouth. Just seemed so phony.

Well, I'm off to change into jammies and make some thank you cards. Yes, MAKE thank you cards. Why buy some for $3.49 when you can make them for $10.50? It's ridiculous but so am I.