Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, naturally, was a big success. They got almost seven pounds of candy between them. That's alotta freakin' candy.

Have you heard of Freecycle? It's like a free local ebayish thing. You post what you've got and maybe someone wants it and will come pick it up.

Sounds simple enough but why, fortheloveofgod, do I always get A.)The ditchers, the ones who will email you with all detailed info about when they'll be coming to get the crap and then NEVER show up. Or B.)The skeeves, the ones who will email you about their interest in one of your things (dirt devil junior vacuum for instance)and then proceed to email you again to ask if you know of anyone who has any 2-3T girls clothes. And then again to say she'll take the other things I posted today. And then again to mention that if I might happen to have more stuff that I want to get rid of she'll be happy to take it off my hands and just give whatever she doesn't use to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Seriously. I just got the Hurricane Katrina victims email a little bit ago and it's left quite a bad taste in my mouth. Just seemed so phony.

Well, I'm off to change into jammies and make some thank you cards. Yes, MAKE thank you cards. Why buy some for $3.49 when you can make them for $10.50? It's ridiculous but so am I.

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vw bug said...

I had to laugh. I was thinking about the cards I 'help' my kids make. Definitely more expensive than the ones you buy.