Sunday, November 27, 2005 has been four days since my last post....

I was catholic at one time...that's how the whole confession thing starts if I'm not mistaken...hmmmm...


thank you all for the wine recommendations but the blue laws in Massachusetts forced me into quick action on Wednesday evening and well, I ended up with some vanilla rum and Sam Adams instead.

The weekend in pictures:

We took what can only be called the best shortcut in history to the seaside town where we had the first of two delicious dinners. It's a highway. A closed highway. My husband's jobsite and while it isn't quite, well, open yet it was nearly a straight route and saved us fifteen minutes and we only had to drive around some barrels and sawhorse type things to do it.

There was turkey and liquor and only minimal stuffing (dog ate it) and green beans (sold out) and pie. Multiple pies. And cousins, or sort-of-cousins as they are my stepfather's nephews and for lack of an easier word we call them cousins. And my kids love them. The son, because they are three fun boys and my daughter for sadly, the SAME reason, the little vixen.
And as I am letting my daughter take this and about 95 other pictures with my old $250.00 camera she caught one of the boys taking pictures with his mom's new $800.00 camera. Heh.

And then we were off to the in-laws. For more turkey and sweet potatoes and while they are lovely my son does not get along so well with the cousin at this house. It is a matter of seeing this cousin too many times and there are some, ehem, behavior issues there...enough said. But my husband's brother and his wife are expecting and there were ultrasound pictures and baby name discussions and it was all good family goodness.

And Friday.... the tree farm not yet open. *sigh* But we liberated a some pie and coolwhip from my inlaws. And made coolwhip noses....
And coolwhip chins...

And Saturday... a cheesy but fun hayride where I lost the price list and we wandered about looking at ribbons and trees and trying to guess how much trees cost. An arm? A leg? Or, for the 8 foot perfect fir...both??? But then the ladies custom made my wreath and charged me less than the premades and all was right. Oh, and I saw the cutest boxwood christmas trees and instead of making me buy a cute little tree they sold me the base and the oasis for dirt cheap so that I could make it myself. Hello, Christmas spirit.

And then hockey. (7-1-1 in case you were wondering, which I know you aren't but heh...I'm proud). And then, I was convinced that attending the party at The Worst Offender's house would be a good idea, and so I went. And there were drinks and because he works in chicken sales, lots of chicken snacks. It was better than expected, especially because after a talking to by the coach, the parents are yelling positive things and the rink is fun again so there was no angst.

And today there was tree decorating and house decorating and ice skate purchasing and whispers of gifts to come.

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