Friday, November 11, 2005

For The Show and Tell....

Let me preface this post by stating that I have the beverage maturity of the average 10 year old. I don't like coffee, tea, beer or wine. My experiences with them are as follows:

Coffee, I've had it twice. And a few sips on accident when I thought I'd be sipping hot chocolate. Not impressed, but I'd give it another go if I could find the right flavor. But then again, I might just hate it because I can't even stomach coffee ice cream.

Tea. Instant Iced Only.

Beer. I've had it a few times. Each time it was ice cold and from a keg and there were no other options. And each time I ended up pretty well drunk. So maybe it's not all bad or maybe after a few it goes down smoother. I can't remember.

Wine. I get the splitting headache with even a half of a glass and mostly it's kind of bitter and puckery and why would I drink bitter and puckery? I must be missing something.

Well, now that's out of the way. Here is a picture of my favorite, HAH, who am I kidding? ONLY mug. Actually we have four. They were wedding gifts and are stored up and out of the way because my husband puts his coffee in a travel mug to go. But they're good for cocoa.

And if I'm drinking out of this it means we're probably ice skating on the pond or at the Christmas Parade so this one is good too.

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