Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Say hello to Gordon

Now, how annoying is that? Now multiply it by forty gagillion to account for the throwing up/resulting headache/trying to nap. But then divide by the amount of times my daughter cracked up lauging because a. he was found sound asleep on the kitchen table; b. he plays tug of war with you and doesn't leave your shoulder dislocated (as does the large dog) and c. would follow her for whatever cockamamey scheme she had planned.

What you are left with is this: Dog sitting for the brother in law is temporary. It ends and because he makes the girlie laugh...he was tolerable.

Tolerable. He whines with virtually every breath. He has a taste for colored pencils. He is a jackapoo, which even sounds ridiculous. He barked. And barked. He has a cute face and a weird shaped body. Did I mention the barking?

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