Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A post AND a question. It's two for one day!

*pin dropping* boy, it sure got quiet around here. Maybe I should try an interesting post, you say? Not sure that's what this is...but it's a post and that should count for something. How about a post and a QUESTION?

And so. We have been invited for drinks at the house of The Worst Offender (crazed hockey dad). I suggested a polite decline as we were going to decorate the tree on Saturday evening. The husband only hears 'drinks' and tells them we'll be there.

I find I am no longer that good at pretending to like people that I do not, in fact, like. Or maybe I'm okay at it but after a few drinks I find I don't really want to be bothered with the whole pretending. Lest you all think I have no manners, I am not rude, only quiet. So quiet that others, who know me well, will call the next day to make sure that I am alright. And these others, the phonecallers, will also be there, so maybe.

Some days I have such a yearning to get my kids home from school. So that they are home. With me. Today was a day like that.

Today's plan: Pecan Fudge from Angie and some sort of cookie. I'm thinking bruschetta too, not very Plimoth First Thanksgivingish, but good. Will some of the bruschetta keep until Saturday? Hmmm.

Packages have started arriving, presents are hidden away, the tree will be cut on Saturday. Time is flying by.

Oh, and now for the and/or wine recommendations for tomorrow? I'm needing help as I drink neither and walk through the wine section dangerously close to choosing a bottle based on the label design.

Enjoy your day, your family, your friends, your dinner, your football.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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vw bug said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you found a good wine.