Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. I saw a bald eagle on my way to work yesterday. Tough commute, eh?

2. We went to a game dinner at a local restaurant last night. The monopoly dog was sauteed to perfection but the twister mat was a little chewy. hohohohoho, really though it was all the usual suspects: Bambi, Thumper, and that wild boar from Lost....yum.

3. My clean laundry sits on my bed and it mocks me.

4. I am positvely itching to start decorating for Christmas. Too soon?

5. I did something totally off the cuff the other day. Remember how this was a super secret, not even my husband knows this blog exists blog? And then I told my husband? Well, I told another soul. A real life friend. Half of me is freaking out that I did. And the other half? Pretty much doesn't mind.

6. There are actually movies coming out that I'd like to see. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Walk the Line are topping the list. So far.

7. Free Pass: You can skip to Number 10 if sports talk makes you loopy.

8. Any of you who've been visiting here for awhile know that I love my Patriots and Red Sox. And yet, I have hardly posted about them. What can I say about the Red Sox? They let Theo leave. THEO. They are dumber than I thought. I'm caught in the keep Manny, trade Manny quandry. I will miss Bill Muelller. Badly. And Millar, too, but not badly. There are many many others. Sigh.

9. What in godsgreenacres has happened to the Patriots??? I know, I know. Injuries. Here are a few:
Kevin Faulk (still out)
Corey Dillon (back, but limping)
Patrick Pass (still out)
Matt Light (still out)
Troy Brown (back, seems OK)
Richard Seymour (still out)
Rodney Harrison (still out)
Randall Gay (back, but limping)
Guss Scott (still out)
Tedy Bruschi (back, but not up to speed yet)
Willie McGinest (playing with a broken hand)
Tyrone Poole (still out)
Ellis Hobbs (back)
Chad Scott (still out)
But there is something else. The fundamental fire within them. As a team. As underdogs. Failure to capitalize on interceptions and such doesn't help. Neither does the fact that the defense could not stop stinking Peyton Manning. Not even with smiley Tedy coming back. Sigh.

10. My mom doesn't cook anymore. It kind of freaks me out. Unless there's a holiday. And then she serves canned vegetables. Canned Sweet Potatoes, people. It's all very strange. And her Thanksgiving stuffing is so terrible that my sister and I made a box of Stovetop once at the eleventh hour because you cannot have Thanksgiving without edible stuffing.

11. I found three rolls of film to be devloped. I love when I do that, when the pictures are a surprise.

12. I'm doing my second card making class tonight. The only downside? Lack of envelopes. You have to make your own, I guess.

13. My Excel Christmas shopping spread sheet is coming along nicely. I am determined to stick to the list this year. I find that if I finish shopping to early though I end up picking up a few things here and there and blowing the budget. Not. This. Year.

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MommaK said...

What did your friend say about your blog? I wanna see your pretty cards! Will you post?

Here's my link:

Janet said...

Yeah, that IS a tough commute! I'd never get to work, I'd be stopping to take pictures LOL! Here's my 13:
and it's all about Christmas LOL!

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Only a few close friends know about my blog and none of my family do. :) My 13 is up!

InterstellarLass said...

Quite a few real-life people I know read my blog. That's why I started it. Give people the chance to know what I'm up to. Then, I do have a hard time when I want to post something that's a little personal. That's easier if it's anonymous.

Here's my 13 today!

The Crusty Crone said...

Hi Jen,
Just giving you a wave hello from Leanne's list of Thirteen.
Sandra, aka Crusty

Jen said...

A card-making class sounds like fun! I'd like to do that, I'll have to see if anything is offered here.

I tell everyone about my blog. It helps me to remember to be kind with my words. I tend to get snarky if I think I can get away with it. It's one of my (many) flaws.

Here's my 13 Take care!

SquashedToad said...

I haven't really told anyone I personally know about my blog... just people I have met through my blog. I've tried working up the nerve...

Here's my 13

Colleen said...

Happy Thursday 13! I've kept my blog a secret from my family (with the exception of my husband) and a few days ago I told my sister-in-law about my blog through an email. I don't think she's really going to read it, but you never know.

I saw a Bald Eagle last week. It landed in a tree in front of me. Pretty cool.
My link is below

Leanne said...

Hi Jenny! Finally getting to read all of the 13's this week! :)

I love watching birds of prey out in their natural environment, what a nice drive to work!!

Clean laundry - always mocking. Always. It will continue. It begs to be folded and put away! You should do what I do, point and cackle. hehe!

Secret blogs aren't as much fun as blogs you tell everyone to visit. Then you can hold your family accountable for not knowing things about you, right? Well, they SHOULD be reading. That's my take on it!

Have a great weekend!!

Barbara said...

Good luck with your shopping!
Trying to Catch Up: Thursday Thirteen