Saturday, February 26, 2005

See, I'm corrupting my daughter too. She looks positvely miserable, eh?

I would've posted a pic of my son but he's wearing his game jersey with the team name and his name on it and sorry, can't have that. Plus, my husband is flogging him because he's NOT SKATING FAST ENOUGH!! (kidding! sheesh)Posted by Hello

Therapy for Hockey Families 101

The end of school vacation looms large on the horizon. There have been no wild and crazy filled with misbehavior days, just a tired mum who is looking forward to a quiet day.

Hockey season is winding down, two regular games left. And here's what's bugging me. My parents. My boy, their grandson, has been playing since August. Games have been on the average, every week. They have not come to even one. Nor have they even expressed any support or interest in this whole thing. Now, I'm not saying that they should love hockey. It's not about loving hockey. When he tells them about goals he's scored or plays that he's made, he'll get a polite nod and maybe, maybe, a 'hmm that's good'.

My mother had dropped hints repeatedly to me about too much sports and pushing him too hard to love hockey and how he only really plays because my husband loves it. Insinuating that my son does not (love it) and only plays to make us happy. I tell her that they're outside shoveling off the pond and skating for three hours all due to the incessant begging of the son - she says 'Really?' and in her voice I can see the unimpressed face she's making.

At dinner, about a month ago, she asks him - out of the blue- if he plays hockey because he likes it or plays because he has too. (The answer was: 'Because I like it') Of course, there are days that he doesn't want to go to practice or get up at 5:00 a.m. but he does and hardly complains. We ususally let him skip the weekly, optional skills clinic because it's on a Monday and after a weekend of hockey and going back to school we feel it might be too much.

My mother in-law always asks him about his games/goals/plays and listens intently as he tells about the deke this and the assist that. My father in law sort of listens and since it isn't about my nephew, tunes him out quickly (that's a WHOLE 'nother story). They've come to a game or two. But that's my husband's issue and since this isn't his blog, well then he get's no blogspace today.

Today is one of the last games of the season. About a month ago the parents made some noise about trying to come to one of his games, but it was so far away... (about 45 minutes) so I suggested that they come to one at a closer rink (about 20 minutes) and was told, by my mom, that she doesn't get up before 8 on the weekends. Now, this from someone who will get up at 5:00 a.m. to make the three hour drive to Maine for the day.

I have never officially invited them to a game. I feel, that being adults and grandparents, they can certainly just ask when a game is and show up if they feel inclined. My son wants them to come. I want them to too, but I feel like I might be trying to prove to them that he really does love it, so then the stubborn side of me says F*ck them, I don't need to prove anything- why do I care what they think of this whole hockey thing. But I don't want this to be at the expense of my son wanting them to come.

I have to qualify by saying that I'm pretty close with my parents (mom and stepdad) and while we've got a few issues (this being one and the property we own in Maine being the other) we get along well.

GAH! So much venting. So much indecision. Do I invite or ignore? Must go fold clothes. Thanks for listening. Again.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The best laid plans

I had plans. Big plans. Jammies all day or if not jammies than a hoodie and track pants and super fuzzy socks. And now.....clothes and *gasp* shoes.

And actually ice skates. The pond is frozen solid, the husband shoveled off a HUGE rink for us to skate on and the kids cannot get enough. And with 8 more inches of snow on the way this might be the last of the pond hockey. My skates are hand me downs from my mom. She got them for Christmas one year when I was about 9. They freakin' kill my feet. How can a hockey mom who lives on a pond not have good skates? A mystery to me too.

Got a peanut butter cookie recipe, I'll let you know how I fare.

May go see a show at a local library. But I might be feeling a bit too ambitious. That's, like, 7 miles away.

I've been snooping around some knitting/crafting blogs and, dagnabit, the bug may have bitten me. I am not knitty or crafty, but I'm green with envy over the projects that are flying around out there. Maybe I'll start with one of those scarves......

*note: This is the second thursday in a row that i've clicked on Friday's Feast and cannot for the life of me figure out why there aren't any new questions. Duh.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Two Memes for the price of One

I saw that Tash and Jennifer had done this and Iwanted to get in on the action so here goes:

Juneau, Alaska
Essex Railroad
New Hampshire, all over the place
New York, New York
Icy pond outside my house
Florida, Port St. Lucie
Eastham, Cape Cod
Ralph's-the accountant.

Take each letter of your name and use it to spell out places that you've been. It's that easy.

Tash also had this meme up too:

Here are the rules:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

Well, sadly, my book club book is closest. Quite frankly, I don't enjoy a reading challenge. Especially when it comes to book club. Too much like homework. The title and link are over there in the sidebar. Here goes:

Arcadio had seen her many times working in her parents' small food store but he had never taken a good look at her because she had that rare virtue of never existing completely except at the opportune moment. But from that day on he huddled like a cat in the warmth of her armpit. She would go to school at siesta time with the consent of her parents, to whom Pilar Ternera had paid the other half of her savings.

It really isn't that bad, but I'm not all into symbolism when I'm reading and this book is filled with it. Hidden meanings, blah blah. Not that I read drivel. Just that Colombian literature isn't my bag. It is written beautifully though, so it has that going for it.

Must go look for a recipe for peanut butter cookies. A good one, where they come out a little bit chewy. Know of any? I promised the girlie that would be our mission tomorrow. Such yummy missions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The vehicles, in review

The old car. I'm not even a little bit sad. Posted by Hello

See, bad car luck runs in our family. Meet my husband.  Posted by Hello

The new vehicle. Well, new to me. :) Posted by Hello
Okay, I've been a bad, lazy blogger.
The car needs a water pump. The truck needs a muffler. I need a drink.

Actually, I may have new regarding a new and improved driving machine tomorrow. The deal is being worked out around 10:30 a.m.

Wish me luck.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The post that should be all caps - because YES, I AM THAT MAD.

Ugh. Whoever came up with the same shit, different day, well that's my new favorite quote even though I never say it. Except for right now, because it totally works here.

My car. A belt that flew off. Antifreeze sprayed all over the engine and inside of the hood. Loss of power steering, temperature skyrocketing suddenly and a bright red battery warning light.

Sound like a post from two weeks ago? HAH. Well, I had nothing original to say so I went and had my car break down again just as I was pulling into the hockey rink tonight. Look, even my bad luck is not original.

I am PISSED. The husband is in Maine. Wanna know what he said? Do ya? "Oh yeah, I heard that rattley sound before I left."
Huh? Funny, don't I drive my car with two kids buckled into the back and wouldn't it be, say, dangerous to have the power steering just LET GO when I'm trying to make a turn (Which is EXACTLY what happened) Or maybe it would be better to break down at night as I leave the hockey rink, in the dark, and we could spend our evening huddled together while waiting for the tow truck driver to come and get us. (It was still light out and a teammate's dad brought us all home) "I heard that rattly sound before I left."

Funny coincidence: Before I left for the rink I called him to let him know that the SUV we were looking at had gone down in price by about $1500.00 and I was going to take a ride down to the dealership to check it out and make him an offer. Okay, says the husband, try to get him down to XYZ dollars and see how you make out. I get home from the rink tonight, steaming, and I call him. He tells me now how totally irresponsible it would be to buy something in a fit of anger and basically how I'm not capable of 'The Art of the Deal'. Hey Buddy...I wasn't mad BEFORE I went to hockey. And now I am. The SUV guy doesn't know this stuff, what's it matter? Grrrrr..

Yes, I'm ranting AND bashing the husband a bit. Too bad. He may have a point about the whole wheelin' and dealin' thing. But don't think I'll tell him that. Amazing how I became a blithering idiot after I got mad that he admitted that he had heard the rattle and went on his merry way. Again, grrr.

Off to jammie up the posse and send them off to bed. G'nite.

Ah, free therapy thanks to blogger. Am feeling better already.

P.S. When I got home I found the chicken I had planned to use for dinner was spoiled and I'm outta milk. Got any Paxil Kate?

Friday's Feast

Appetizer - Name 2 things you do that you consider beneficial to your health. I eat whole wheat bread and just bought a treadmill so I can run to nowhere right in my very own home.

Soup - If you made a New Year's resolution, how's it going so far? I made one. To yell less. And it's working. Shhhh, don't jinx me.

Salad - Name something that has happened lately that bothers you. These 10 pounds that seem to have just appeared all of a sudden. Ugh.

Main Course - What is your favorite quote, and who said it? "Shut. Up." Elaine, from Seinfeld.

Dessert - What do you collect? I have no collections, the only thing even remotely close would be the treasures my husband has unearthed while working (he's an equipment operator), alot of old glass thingies, they're all on top of my kitchen cabinets.
Didya watch Survivor?

It's too bad Warbling Wanda had to leave so early. No, it really isn't.

The husband is ice fishing for four days, leaving me to fend for myself. How is it that when he's gone the kids are fed, the kitchen is cleaned, baths and showers are done and they're reading books together by 7:00 p.m.?

And Tedy Bruschi, number 54, the heart of the Patriots defense (and to those of you out there that just watched the Super Bowl, he's the guy that soaked the coach and his dad with gatorade after the game) suffered a mild stroke the other night. He's 31. 31. It was minor as far as strokes go, he'll be home from the hospital in the next day or so, but my god, A STROKE. He's got three small kids(the youngest was born in December) and the greatest smile in pro sports.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Here I am. And truly, really, really....I wasn't on any Valentine related lovey dovey break. Sorry to disappoint. :)

The computer is running at warp speed. Apparently, like it should've when I first got it but the techie man worked his magic and get this - when I click on something, it responds. Like, right away. You can't know how happy I am right now. Well, maybe you can, but whatever.

I was going to take pictures all weekend, like a little photo diary, but the batteries in the camera were dead and I was too lazy to charge them. But with all of this newfound speed I just might get ambitious tomorrow.

I missed both 24 and the Bachelorette on Monday so now I've gotta go check their websites, real quick like :) and catch up....

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Okay blogging friends....
I will be on hiatus while my PC gets cleaned up and gets a little bitta speed. Am planning to return on Tuesday or Wednesday. See you then. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I have zip, zero, zilch to blog about.

I've been work, work, working. Days and nights, well, not nights but evenings. The weather is cold, wet and dismal. The house is warm, smelling like chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, and needs to be vacuumed. Two outta three ain't bad :).

Husband has tomorrow off, trying to make a plan for the boy to skip school and go on a mini adventure. Which has to be 'mini' due to the whole 'save your money while you look longingly at vehix for the perfect SUV' thing. Wanna come over and watch the dogs?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Co-Co-Co Colon

The latest vocabulary word for the seven year old: Colon.

Who knew it would make such an excellent song?

*Colon, colon, Freddy's colon's stinky, I've gotta colon, colon, colon- We've all got colons*

I don't think he wrote it in time for the whole Grammy Award submission. There's no particular tune. Sing know you want to. :)
Too much work and not enough play makes Jenny a grouchy girl. :(

Although, cheering me up is the fact that when I get 23 more visits my hit counter will reach 5,000.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lords of the Rings

Well, the game. Of course we watched and of course we celebrated. It wasn't pretty, at least in the beginning. Penalties, hardly any first downs in the first half. But the Pats are ususally a second half team. And we have Rodney Harrison. Think you'll remember his name now, Freddie Mitchell?

And if you weren't a fan I would have to say it might have even been *gasp* dare I say ...dull? But to hell with all that - because in case you can't tell - I AM A FAN. :)

And we don't need our own celebratory dance. We'll just take theirs.

We headed to the stadium last night to welcome the team home. To heck with parades and million people pep rallies. This is where it's at. A spot in the front row, my new Willie McGinest jersey, hand warmers in my mittens, a sharpie and a new hat. A recipe for success.

High fives from Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, Matt Light, David Givens, Romeo Carnell, Bob Kraft, Matt Light, Josh Miller, Joe Andruzzi, Larry Izzo and the man of the hour Bill Belichick. There were more, but I'm rushing between the pictures and the posting this seems to be taking forever.

Signed by the MVP.

Posted by Hello

Almost got Matt Light (in his bathrobe). Posted by Hello

Ooops. Missed Bob Kraft and the trophy.

And I know these pictures stink. I had a choice good pictures or high fives and hand shakes and congratulations and thank yous. I chose the latter. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Tonight's the night. The big game. Mexican is the menu. Faces will be painted. Pats gear will be worn. Jumping out of your seat when they score - mandatory.

Friday, February 04, 2005

"TGIF" she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm

Did I say broken belt? My mistake. What I meant was *tinkatinkatinka* = two metal parts that should never touch were totally touching. There is now a big gouge in one of them because the huge bolt that held it on broke and it moved like four inches from where it originally sat. These are engine parts. Never a good thing. And the belt, it had enough of the incorrect touching and just flew off. Off to check vehix.
Today was a half day of school and to celebrate the half day extravaganza I took the kids here.
Why? Because what could be better than an enclosed, cramped, loud area with flashing lights, electronic beeps and kids running pell mell? I'll tell you what, nothing.

Yeah, right.

Okay, so it's almost 1/2 hour from my house and my car has had a little squealy belt sound for a few weeks, no biggie. Again - yeah, right.

Just as I'm stopping at the last set of lights before the parking lot I hear *tickatickaticka*, the battery light comes on and whoopsie the power steering shuts off. Apparently the belt has broken. I struggle to turn into the lot and park the car (or pahk the cah, as that is closer to how I really sound). I put ten dollars aside in case we have to buy supper at Subway and tell the kids to have a blast- we may be there awhile. The blast is had, my father in law comes to bail me out and now I'm home and wishing like hell a free car would fall out of the sky and land in my driveway.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Friday's Feast

Appetizer - If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why? Pomeranian. KIDDING. Sheesh, how annoying would that be? Apologies to all of you out there that think Pomeranian would be the perfect answer to that. What was Benji? I loved Benji. Am too distracted to think, sorry.

Soup - What does the color purple make you think of? A comforter. Is making sense a requirement? I think not.

Salad - Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning? Me? 45 minutes. With the kids? One hour.

Main Course - How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them? I have ALOT of cousins, no idea how many, am guessing, like 35. My dad was one of thirteen. I haven't seen or heard from even one of them since his funeral. Only three on my mom's side and haven't seen them for a few years.

Dessert - Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter) Jazzy Ass Jelly.

Courtesy of: Friday's Feast

*Warning - Soap boxy rant*

I basically never post about my job, because

A. It's kind of dull. I mean do you care if the FEIR exempts a proposed housing development from the rivers act or the fact that the septic line remediation will be paid by the other ongoing school project? No? I didn't think so. Although Blackbird enjoys workish lingo so maybe it won't go unappreciated.

B. I don't want anyone I know to find me. Ever.

But tonight I'm working for a committee and they're finishing up the construction of a new school in our town. The school is already open and they're discussing the DVD/VCR players in the classrooms. EVERY classroom. Half don't work, but that's besides the point. They use these things, all the time because, apparently, almost every text book issued comes with a DVD for classroom use.

The project manager and I (who don't have a child this age-yet) both stop what we're doing and look at each other - DVDs? For every text book? Huh? Isn't there some worry about kids watching too much TV? Even if it's educational? I mean is there no other way for these textbook publishers to get their ideas across than to include a DVD? I don't know what it says about our teachers, maybe nothing, because they don't have muc, if any, choice in choosing textbooks.

I'm no crazy 'never watch TV' kind of girl and of course movies can be used to further a point or help kids understand a concept or for a special event (or in the case of highschoolers to provide a much needed nap or opportunity to do the homework you should have done the night before), but with every textbook? Is that so necessary?


The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Fifth Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

At least Kate and Terry will be there. I didn't know there were levels. It's hell so there probably won't be any elevators. C'mon and join us, don't let eternal damnation scare you away.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Apparently, under all of this white stuff on the ground is a little something I fondly remember as being green. I could be wrong. I'll let you know in April. My son wants me to sign him up for Little League. Do you need grass for this? Maybe not and I'll save $25.00 on cleats.

I think the boy just wants to play more sports and Red Sox fever was contagious. Now he'll be lamenting his fate as he sits on the bench waiting for the minute and a half at bat he'll get. He's used to a sport with a little more action. Oh well, at least it won't take 20 minutes to put all of the equipment on. And maybe he'll love it.

Had his parent teacher conference. She said it might be easier on us if he weren't so smart. SO SMART. My son. My little wise ass at home, all particular about his school work, cannot fathom misbehaving in school, son. SMART. See my grin? No? Well, that's because after congratulating him on his good work he asked me what the cash value of such good hard work would be. Maybe it would be easier if he weren't so smart. He's not even that smart, he didn't even capitalize Super Bowl in his post, did he? See. What kind of son of mine wouldn't know to capitalize the biggest game of the year? :)

Maybe the teacher just left off the ass. As in, it would be easier for us if he wasn't such a smartass. Because, I have to say, I would agree. Then again, the whole apple not falling far from the tree thing might apply here. You reap what you sow. Is that how it goes? Or how about 'what goes around comes around'. Or ' you get what you deserve'.

But the teacher would not know to leave the ass off of that comment because he is SO perfectly behaved in school. Perfect. As in "An example to the rest of the class" perfect. I'm still reeling.