Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Apparently, under all of this white stuff on the ground is a little something I fondly remember as being green. I could be wrong. I'll let you know in April. My son wants me to sign him up for Little League. Do you need grass for this? Maybe not and I'll save $25.00 on cleats.

I think the boy just wants to play more sports and Red Sox fever was contagious. Now he'll be lamenting his fate as he sits on the bench waiting for the minute and a half at bat he'll get. He's used to a sport with a little more action. Oh well, at least it won't take 20 minutes to put all of the equipment on. And maybe he'll love it.

Had his parent teacher conference. She said it might be easier on us if he weren't so smart. SO SMART. My son. My little wise ass at home, all particular about his school work, cannot fathom misbehaving in school, son. SMART. See my grin? No? Well, that's because after congratulating him on his good work he asked me what the cash value of such good hard work would be. Maybe it would be easier if he weren't so smart. He's not even that smart, he didn't even capitalize Super Bowl in his post, did he? See. What kind of son of mine wouldn't know to capitalize the biggest game of the year? :)

Maybe the teacher just left off the ass. As in, it would be easier for us if he wasn't such a smartass. Because, I have to say, I would agree. Then again, the whole apple not falling far from the tree thing might apply here. You reap what you sow. Is that how it goes? Or how about 'what goes around comes around'. Or ' you get what you deserve'.

But the teacher would not know to leave the ass off of that comment because he is SO perfectly behaved in school. Perfect. As in "An example to the rest of the class" perfect. I'm still reeling.

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