Tuesday, May 31, 2005


There's nothing like asking one of your bosses for a favor and ten minutes later having to tell another boss person that "Sorry, but I've lost every note and all paperwork from the last meeting but I vaguely remember typing them and the disk I think they're on has been somehow reformatted and so I can't provide you with the minutes." Fuck.
I am in the midst of trying to arrange child care for the summer months for the kiddos. Why is it next to impossible?????

The community rec program in town decided that instead of their flexible- pick -the- days- you- need day camp they'd be better off offering sports camps - for fifth grade and up. Super. So that's out. And I'm not sending them five days a week to a camp when I only need child care for one day a week. So that's out.

I did find a program that almost meets my needs - but totally meets my kids needs and they can go TOGETHER. Sort of. Same place, different activities. So that's where they'll end up. The girlie could've stayed at her school but I wanted them to be together if at all possible and I thought it would be a nice break for her. Gah. I'm exhausted. Now I must go to work and beg ask them to change my hours a bit. Fun.

The weekend was beautiful and very relaxing. We even had a huge thunderstorm on Sunday evening, complete with huge bolts of lightening and howling winds. Our good friends came down from New Hampshire and we realized just how much we missed each other. We laughed alot and made many promises about future visits.

Friday, May 27, 2005

For Blackbird's weekly photo anti-meme.

My favorite souvenir. A jar of black sand from an island in the middle of Androscoggin Lake in Maine.

We used to spend five days camping on the shore of this lake with a bunch of family. The kids would swim at 6 in the morning when the lake was still misty, we'd pick blueberries in the afternoon and make popcorn by the campfire by night.

The men fished, the women chatted and played games and swam. We all tried waterskiing (miserable failure here) and a yearly mexican feast was the order for Saturday nights.

The memory is bittersweet as one man, the cousin of my stepfather, died from pancreatic cancer two years ago. He was the glue for that part of the family, and he pretty much organized the entire thing - organized is the wrong word - but I digress. They don't go anymore and while we could still camp there I fear how differently it would be with just the four of us.

Still though, I am longing for summer. Posted by Hello

Daughter's favorite souvenir. A tiny glass turtle we got at a glass blowing shop on Cape Cod. His name. Turd. As in turdle. Posted by Hello

Son's favorite souvenir. An Osprey feather found in the woods near Spencer Lake, Maine. That's my size eight shoe next to it. It's huge. Posted by Hello

My work in progress...books to be read. We are finally, after nine years in this house, just about done. There are minor things, a trim piece here, paint touch up there. But on the grand scale of things....finished. Oh, except for the doors I want for the bottom shelves of this entire bookcase wall thing. That and the front stairs and the treehouse that will never be built and the shed that will....Seriously, are you ever done?Posted by Hello

The biggest ongoing job I've ever had. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Lisa said that some of us might not know where Nebraska is....sadly, I fear she's right. But I'm proud to say that I'm not part of that group.

This game was fun for a minute. (The intermediate version of Place the State) That and I'm kind of a geek. Best score? 96%. Average 4 miles.

The Doldrums

So, did you all enjoy your summer? Apparently it's over. I must've missed it as it is NOVEMBER outside. 45 and raining. Again. The woodstove ususally ends its yearly run in early April and I am presently in a fit of panic because we are almost out of dry wood and oil. We have wood but it's soaking wet and we could get oil but I'm too cheap to spring for it. Get the blankies kids.

The season finale of Lost was SO excellent. I highly recommend trying to catch a few episodes of this show in the summer rerun schedule. They still repeat shows in the summer right? It's not all stuff like this is it?

Cabin fever has a firm grip on us. My daughter has discovered her 'old southern man' accent. There's alot of Howdy y'all and twang happening here today. I have nixed most of the TV shows that come into this house. PBS, Nick Jr, Avatar and Spongbob being the exceptions. I am entirely sick of Rugrats type humor. Well, I should say that I enjoy Rugrats but don't like listening to my kids who are sounding exactly like Angelica or someone from that Fairly Odd Parents show. Selfishly I have included Spongebob in the list of acceptable TV. My son declared PBS babyish and stated he will NEVER watch TV again. Heh. Right into the trap.

Of course it was more for my daughter's benefit then my son's . She sounds horrifyingly like an eight year old boy sometimes and I just can't have that. For instance: We attended a birthday party a few weeks ago. A princess *coughgagcough* party no less, complete with costumes. The little Cinderellas and Snow Whites were playing ring around the rosey. Very nice. After the second round my girlie suggests playing Guns and Roses. And proceeds to begin shooting with her fingers *bangbangbangbang*. Ring around the Rosey..... Guns and Roses. Rosey, Roses. Almost the same but not quite.

I don't mind the tomboyishness. In fact, I embrace it. I'm not crazy about the 'what-ever' with the eye roll stuff though so we'll see how this new TV thing works out.

I know, kind of boring, even to me. But dammit it's boring here. On the bright side Blackbird has a meme, excuse me, ANTI meme for tomorrow and now I've got pictures to take.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Musical Meme

The total volume of music files on my computer.
2.25 GB or 1.5 days or 577 songs and counting

The last CD I bought was.
The Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack

Song playing right now.
Down Down Baby - Nelly -Shuffled the Itunes and that's what came up.

Five songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me, in no particular order.
"Hey Jude" - The Beatles- My favorite Beatles song and just last week my mom told me it was my dad's favorite too. Makes it even nicer.
"Tupelo Honey" - Van Morrison-Love It.
"Santa Monica" - Everclear - Another favorite
"Sweet Baby James" - James Taylor - Playing in the delivery room and after my son was born and the nurses were coming in and out of the room, feeling chatty as their shifts were just starting and they kept singing along.
"Brandy, you're a fine girl" - Three Dog Night, I think. Another one I like.

Who are you tagging and why?
Jen - just because.
Kate - because she got a new camera and now she must pay the price
Blackbird - curious.
Katy - because she wants pictures of us not just once but EVERY Friday.

You can all blame this woman: Lisa

Monday, May 23, 2005

It's raining it's pouring

Dammit. It's raining. Now I need that watering can even less then I did five minutes ago.

I am tired and in a non blogging mood today. I'm going to watch Mean Girls with my friends popcorn and raspberry lemonade.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

First off, I wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes. Very nice and very thoughtful. A nice way to start the day.

The birthday that started well and kind of tanked has gone by.

My highlight? Seeing my boy's face when the Star Wars logo came on the screen at the very beginning of the movie. Huge grin. Although I will comment here about the candidate for Parent of the Year award who chose to sit one seat apart from us. Did she really think that a one year old and a 2 and a half year old wanted to spend their day in the theater with us? And did she think we didn't hear her tell them to Shut up. She said that. To two toddlers. In a movie theater. Did she expect them to sit quietly? Dumbass.

Apparently the flowers that I planted the other day need tending too. How do I know? Because my husband got me a watering can for my birthday. He's lucky to be alive. I do not want or need a watering can. Five years ago, before he installed another spicket outside, I said that I wanted one and in a fit of 'There is no gift for Mommy' he remembered the watering can.

IT IS NOT THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. There is no thought involved in picking out a watering can at the eleventh hour.

Remember I said I was dropping hints like BOMBS all the time. How subtle is "A gift card to Borders would be good" or "I'd like a wind up flashlite"? Not very.

I'm off now, to try to pull this day up by it's bootstraps and make something of it.

Friday, May 20, 2005

A mini meme

Kate suggested a view from the entrance. We were missing Blackbird's meme and decided to strike out on our own this week. I believe Jen will be joining us....all are welcome to participate. Only for this week though, right Blackbird???

A view from the side door. This is the entrance we use a million times a day. Thank god you didn't ask this question 3 years ago, it wasn't pretty. The kitchen was the last room to be redone. My father in law offered to make us cabinets and we took him up on that ohsogenerous gift. It took him awhile but it was a labor of love, he would show me each and every step in detail. How he labored over the catch for the lazy susan, the guinea rigged(is that politically incorrect) tip out drawers for sponges, the fancy door for the corner cabinet. I love my little kitchen. Posted by Hello

This is the view from the front door. Into the bowels of playroom hell. It's so tiny it should be called a play closet. There are no front stairs, yet so when you're outside the doorknob is actually above my head. Right after the treehouse. And look, that little bastard Fred got his head in the picture.

Little bastard? Why, yes. Yesterday he somehow opened the cabinet door, snared the trashcan, tipped it and proceeded to share the spoils with the big dog. Half a chocolate cake with extra chocolate frosting? Gone. Scallions? Still there. Today he knocked down a 10 pound plastic container of dog treats, the lid popped off (he probably cannot believe his good fortune) and he and the big dog proceeded to eat about a third of the container. Little bastard indeed.

Note: I just noticed in the kitchen picture, way to the left you can see the bin of dog cookies. Grrr. Posted by Hello

A long time ago....

Star Wars did not disappoint. At least it didn't disappoint me. I haven't read any real reviews or rants from the real FANS, the ones who will slam a movie because the color of Anakin's robe has changed by one shade or that the Wookies spoke with the wrong accent. I'd see it again, in fact I will see it again. This weekend.

And being a smart girl, I scoped the movie out for my son (which is why I'll be going back this weekend). It got a PG-13 rating and I heard terrible tales of bloodshed and violence. I expected far worse. A little gross at the end when he goes all Vaderish but otherwise not too bad.

I missed the Apprentice finale, but found I didn't care. I also missed the CSI finale, which since I don't watch the show, only cared to see because Quentin Tarantino was directing and no matter how much I try to dislike him he's made three of my favorite movies and a few more that are just plain enjoyable.

My big birthday celebration is tomorrow. Plans? None that I'm aware of. Am a little jealous of Tara for having the month long thing going on when I'm barely eeking out 24 hours. My kids have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening, it's a 'parents stay at the party' party. Hurray. Can you feel the excitement? Me neither. And today???? Grocery Shopping. This is a girl who knows how to live, my friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I am so accomplished. *Pats self on back*

The shelves are scrubbed, the floor too, the fish tank cleaned, the house vacuumed, the bathroom cleaned, the dishwasher emptied and the rest of the kitchen clean. Beds are made and dinner is set to be cooked. My son's room is a disaster though as a Lego Plaza is under construction and my room naturally falls into the marginally clean category.

What's not done? The laundry. Dear god I hate to fold and put away clothes.

Plus I planted a bunch of flowers outside, cold weather and frost warnings be damned.

I'm going to try to convince my husband the kids should have a tree house. He's got nothing going on and he's like a lost soul waiting for the next project to fall into his lap. Well, plop. Here it is...a treehouse. I doubt I'll be successful but it will be a valiant effort, that much I can guarantee.

P.S. Leaving soon for the big geek extravaganza known as.... HAH! Like I even have to be specific.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Scuff marks, what scuff marks???




Tuesday, May 17, 2005

10 on Tuesday

10 Brand Names You Can't Live Without

1) Comcast Internet Service (although Verizon Fiber Optic is coming to town...)
2) Bounty paper towels
3) Crystal Light
4) Crest Tartal Control
5) Gaspar's
6) Coleman
7) DeLorme
8) Sharpie
9) Diet Coke
10) Lego

I just spent WAY too much time downloading the Simple Plan song 'I'm just a kid' for my son. I tried about 20 different ones and they all had the word 'fuck' in them. Don't they know he should only hear that word from his mom???

Monday, May 16, 2005

Birthdays and Survivors

Sadly, I have little to report.

The birthday was fanfareless. After just about begging for a gift idea, which I HATE doing, because nothing says "I have no idea what you'd like", like "I have no idea what you'd like - please fess up with the gift idea", I picked up a few fishing things and a fan for the camper that he's wanted. Not too thrilling.

My in-laws had us over for breakfast and this was the first visit since a recent falling out with my sister-in-law. Nice and awkward, especially considering that I'd be perfectly content never seeing her again. We had chocolate cake at 9:30 a.m. though, so that was good. :)

The husband had no inclination to do anything yesterday, so we just hung out. Made him a nice dinner then watched Survivor.

Speaking of which, ugh. Tom, who started out as a 'stand up guy' and lied to EVERYONE out there, which they all apparently forgot. How did anyone not catch the "Couldn't jepordize the five person alliance I had" and two seconds later proceeds to say that "He would never have wanted to vote Steph out because she was the ACE IN THE HOLE on the FOUR person alliance." But seeing as the other option was Katie, I really could've cared less who won. Stephenie looked better out on the island, that much I noticed. And Coby named his baby Janu? Is this even news? Do you care? Me neither.

But on the horizon.... STAR WARS! Got my tickets already. Not the midnight show, *sigh* but it'll have to do. And after Star Wars, my birthday. No plans yet, but I have gift hints I'm dropping like bombs. Subtlety is not my specialty. Neither is spelling or comma use but whatever.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Me, myself and part of the girlie

Today is also, according to Stemily, self portrait Friday and this is my contribution.

In other news, Sunday is my husband's birthday. What's he getting? Really, I'm asking you...'what's he getting?' as I have no idea. He has no discernable hobbies except fishing and I have no idea what he wants or needs in that regard because he says he's all set. He doesn't take pictures or use the computer or have any huge projects that would require a nice new tool. He's been watching alot of Red Sox baseball, but seeing as decent tickets would set me back between four and five hundred dollars a game is pretty much out of the question.

Less than forty eight hours and my mind is a blank. Crap.

Yesterday I broke with tradition and started planting annuals in my flower beds. Usually we hold off until the weekend before Memorial Day but, as I have issues with patience, I planted yesterday. And wouldn't you know that it was 30 degrees last night and today, the minute you step out of the sun, the temperature plummets by about 20 degrees. Wonderful. Weekend forecast? 55 and rainy.

I just finished my book club choice, The Kite Runner. After last month's choice I could've read the back of a cereal box and declared it fine literature, but this book was excellent. You don't appreciate a really good book sometimes until you've read a really crappy one. I'm thinking my summer reading will consist of 1. - The new Harry Potter book and 2. ) The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (Thanks, Terry for reminding me of this one)....any other suggestions?

What I'm watching

Favorite show on TV that doesn't have the 'reality show' thing going on. These are for Blackbird's Friday Show and Tell, I suggest you click on over there and check things out...Posted by Hello

Do shows from Netflix count?  Posted by Hello

Lots of Sox. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We've developed a new system in our house. A point system. Do something helpful or better yet without being asked and you earn some points. Volunteering to feed the dogs, clear the table whatever - all point earners. Playing together without fighting - more points. The winner gets this fancy plastic wine goblet and gets to choose the breakfast, lunch and dinner on their certain day along with a bonus. One week it's a family outing, the next it's a five dollar target gift card, the next something entirely different. It's been working like a charm. Bad behavior gets points taken away. Just the threat makes them freak out now. They are loving this meal choice thing.

What does this have to do with a giant grilled chicken? Why, I thought you'd never ask. You didn't ask? Too bad I'm answering anyway. It's my son's dinner choice. Beer butt chicken. Lisa posted about it the other day, as she hadn't heard of it and I must say, I highly recommend trying it. A very yummy outcome. Posted by Hello

See this? Okay, this is pathetic to be admitting this but I was just about to *shiver* touch the door knob when I saw this virtual tarantula on the door. NEXT TO THE KNOB.

Now, a braver girl might have just gone for it - but 'insert chicken noises here' - I'm not brave around eight legged creatures. I snapped a picture of this creature that was barring me from my own home and then I hear my girlie, she's hollering for me. Super.

I throw a hockey ball at the damn thing. Ten, fifteen times. No luck, it moves a bit but that's it. And what do I hate almost as much as I hate spiders? The sound/feel of squishing one. So I tend to throw things at them. Just so you know I have ridiculously bad aim. I took off my shoe. And sadly I threw it enough times to develop a system. Throw the shoe at the spider, he kind of skitters around but no real movement. Throw it a bit above the spider, he moves maybe 2 inches down and one inch back up. To the left, he goes down and to the right. You get the idea. The shoe has now bounced off the door many, many times because of the aforementioned bad aim. My girlie has given up her cries for help (it was an emergency wrapper opening for a snack) and stood on her tiptoes peering out of the door at her arachnophobe mommy. Finally, I got him onto the deck and I jumped, no I leaped over him. With a jogging start. Go ahead say it....'FREAK'. Posted by Hello

Prize fight

Blogging vs. Two sunny 70 degree days. IN A ROW.

*Dingdingding* And the winner is.... Me. My present task? Cooking chicken out on the grill in the warm late afternoon sun.

Be back later...

Monday, May 09, 2005


We headed north for Mother's Day. It was dreary at home. Dark, cold and rainy so we figured there was nothing to be gained by staying here. This store is a favorite of ours, there wasn't anything in particular we were looking for but it has something for everyone and the kids love going. We headed up the coast a little further and ended up here.

The waves were huge and it was so windy you could barely stand up. Perfect. Really, it was. The kids sat in the car for awhile hollering every single time a wave crashed up onto the rocks. And outside they laughed so hard they could barely speak. We found an out of the way spot for dinner and we were home by nine.

My gifts, an outdoor clock from Lowe's so you don't have to goall the way inside to figure out what time it is, one pound of swedish fish, a keychain that says Maine and two lovely cards that they spent two quiet hours making on Saturday morning.

The best door in town.  Posted by Hello

A storm must've just gone through the area the night before, seaweed is all over the road and in most cases all over the front yards and driveways of the people who live across the street. Posted by Hello

We saw waves like these... Posted by Hello

and these. Posted by Hello

A bit windy, eh? They laughed so hard when we were outside and had to scream to each other to be heard over the wind and the waves. I'm so glad it wasn't sunny and calm.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

with baited breath......or maybe not

I have to say I'm curious, but am not holding my breath. My present? Is from Lowe's.

Friday, May 06, 2005

When I grow up...

Lisa got me. The occupational hazard of the internet. HAHHAHA.

What follows is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you pass it on (after you select five of the items as it was passed to you). Of the five you selected, you are to finish each phrase with what you would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.

If I could be a scientist...

If I could be a farmer...

If I could be a musician...

If I could be a doctor...

If I could be a painter...

If I could be a gardener... I'd love the dirt under my nails but I'd be sad to be planting somewhere besides my own home.

If I could be a missionary...

If I could be a chef...

If I could be an architect...I'd design the perfect post and beam or log cabin for our property in Maine.

If I could be a linguist...

If I could be a psychologist...

If I could be a librarian...I'd scoff up all of the new books before the rest of y'all.

If I could be an athlete...

If I could be a lawyer...

If I could be an innkeeper...

If I could be a professor...

If I could be a writer...

If I could be a backup dancer...

If I could be a llama-rider...

If I could be a bonnie pirate...

If I could be a midget stripper...

If I could be a proctologist...

If I could be a TV-Chat Show host...

If I could be an actor...

If I could be a judge...

If I could be a Jedi...

If I could be a mob boss...

If I could be a backup singer...

If I could be a CEO...

If I could be a movie reviewer...I would be loving the free popcorn and movies galore. Heaven.

If I could be a monkeys uncle...who say's I'm not?? Ah, I'd have to be a monkey's aunt. Oops.

If I could be a CSI...

If I could be a computer nerd... I would delight in the super cool look of my little site here.

If I could be a Kindergarten teacher...

I'm supposed to pass this one on but by god I think just about everyone has been tagged, well, not everyone but my internet circle is not THAT big guys....I'm sure I can find some sucker body to send it to....

Pillow Talk

Well, after seeing the pictures I took of some of the other views from my pillow, views that were not for publication thankyouverymuch, my bedroom is in the process of being cleaned. My husband would thank you Blackbird, if he knew.

I'm adding this after the fact because I'm mad that you can't even tell that my ceiling is green too. My first experiment with painting a ceiling, much to the dismay of my husband, and it doesn't even show up...damn. And another note, I screwed up the left and right views. Duh. Switch 'em around.

Straight ahead...blah view, but better than it was before we painted and replaced the light so I'll take it. Posted by Hello

To the left....the quasi desk Posted by Hello

To the right...my bureau, complete with socks sticking out of the top drawer. Sunny, the dog, is reclining on top waiting for me to sew his feet shut after they were ripped open by Fred the Beagle. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Thursday - the first day of the weekend. My weekend. You know things are good in your life when Wednesday is your Friday.

I planned on staying in all day tomorrow to clean, god knows the house could use it but after reading this I'll be taking a set of house keys to the bus stop. Not that I haven't ever locked myself out of the house before. It's happened a few times. The worst??

Girlie was maybe two years old which would make the son five (I think - whatever it's not important) the husband was plowing, which would mean it was snowing. Hard. I bundle the kids up and head outside under the deceptive guise of playing in the snow when what I was really doing was employing the son as a child shoveling laborer.

The girlie was struggling with the whole keep your mittens on idea. It turns out that if you put your bare hand in snow it gets cold and red and will hurt after doing it a gazillion times. The big dog was outside with us, he's a snow loving fool.

We're shoveling away, throwing some snowballs, reputting hands into mittens when I look at the dog, Baxter. He's shaking and cold and wet. We've been outside for awhile at this point, probably an hour. "Hey kiddo, can you let the dog in?"

'Sure' he says and ignores me. The girlie begins to cry, her hands are wet, cold and red. I tromp up the stairs and try to turn the knob. *clink* locked. Patience is not one of my daughter's virtues. She's screaming by now. I try way too many more times to turn the knob because maybe it's going to unlock itself with frantic turning and pulling. No dice.

A foot of snow is on the ground, maybe more. I circle the house brainstorming. An impossible task even under the best of circumstances. I'm carrying the two year old while she screams. The son is freaking. I send him to the neighbor - did they have a key? Somehow??? No, but they have a 10 year old daughter who will fit perfectly through the cellar window. Just as good.

I cut the screen open and then rip it some more trying to get it out of the frame as I'm not a burglar, my experience in breaking and entering is pretty limited. We somehow wiggle the window to a semi open position. The neighbor girl is kinda big and might not fit. I tell the son "Crawl through, you'll be on dad's workbench then go upstairs and open the kitchen door." He refuses. I beg. No way he says - scared of the cellar. WTF. Girlie is still crying. Damn her hands are cold. The dog is shaking like a leaf and the son thinks we're going to freeze to death in the yard. I tell the neighbor girl she's going in. We pry the window open a little more and she fits through and saves my family from certain doom.

After the fact I notice that my husband left an open can of hydraulic fluid or some oily greasy shit on his workbench. She kicked it over when she went through and spilled the entire thing all over every screwdriver, hammer, crowbar type thing he had. That and the screen didn't need to be shredded, according to my husband just do 'this' and then do 'that' and the thing just pops right out.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's the little things

A varigated leaf Jacob's ladder that I found at a farm called Achinbac.

Three of us in one chair reading The Three Little Pigs.

and it's official.... my girlie can zipper her own jacket.


And so my neighbors are in the process of having their house rebuilt from the ground up. And I have become host to three kids that belong to one of the framers. Apparently, they had to come with their step dad to work. For reasons I have yet to ask.

They are exceedingly polite children. But the oldest boy was ready to grab my lunch out of my hand and made a comment about not eating since breakfast and there wasn't going to be any lunch, except for some crackers taken from the stepdad's lunch. I have little patience for parents like this but alot of patience for kids like these. Sandwiches and chips were served.

But too much fun is being had inside and they should be playing outside. The jackass that is the stepdad has not so much as introduced himself to me never mind coming over to check on them. The fifth grade boy is responsible for the other two, this much is clear. There is a girl, maybe second or third grade and another boy, who is maybe five.

As I type I'm getting curious about what they're doing on a job site instead of being in a classroom so I'm off to investigate....

**Update: The kids had a half day of school and because mom and dad were working and couldn't get them at the half day point they skipped. The dad ( a step dad to the oldest) came over at 1:00 p.m. to see what they were up to and to let them know that he was going to get lunch. Uh, hello Mr. ?? , leaving to get lunch? Not without these fine young 'uns. They pretty much hung out in the yard for the rest of the afternoon but I was thinking, who brings three kids to their work and doesn't even pack a coloring book? Or bring a baseball? Or let them go into a stranger's house and not even check on them for over an hour.... Christ I could've been making kid stew ala Hansel and Gretel.

Monday, May 02, 2005

When a song gets stuck in your head...

I have spelled the word tattoo every way imaginable. Well, almost, but you get my point.

Thanks to Kate I now have the Tomorrow song from Annie on a continuous roll in my head. I just stick up my chin and grin and say.....

There -I hope I've infected a few of you with Annieitis. Misery loves company. :)

But I'm not miserable, really, because just thinkin' about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow. Till there's none.

G'nite, see you all....Tomorrow....bwahahahaha.
The arms remain tatooed. Apparently baby oil is needed to do the whole removal job.

I'm at work, down in another office. I introduce myself to Joe, who's just this side of sixty I'd say. I push up my sleeve to scratch an itch on my arm and I catch him looking at my forearm. He looks away. Fast. He SO thought these were real. All five of them. Heh.


In a fit of laziness I allowed my daughter to plaster my arms (and me hers) with temporary tattoos as I laid on the couch and read a book.

The crab is in fact dead. (did I mention this??? only a hundred times or so.) So I purchased a replacement fish for my son and a replacement bottom feeding (too lazy to clean the tank that much) fish for me. The son's replacement has already bitten the dust. Is it THAT bad here???

Could it be any more rainy?? My neighbors quit building their house and have used all of the wood to construct an ark.

Mondays should be easy, a slow transition into the week. Instead it is the single busiest day of the week for me. Ugh. And we, gluttons for punishment that we are, signed the girlie up for a learn to skate session. On Mondays. I'd be miserable but she is so damn excited it's totally of contagious.

I don't know if any of you checked this blog last night but there was alot more to this post, too much more. A big argument about something so stupid it defies belief followed by some introspection, intospection that could be a bit detritmental to my mental health. I typed and typed and then hit publish. I went downstairs, did some laundry, read a book then came back up and edited it all away. So if you came by, it wasn't your imagination and if not, well, maybe you'll hear the not so happy tale another day. And maybe not.

And on that note, it is a sunny beautiful day and I'm off to make breakfast which consists of pouring cereal into a bowl and if they're lucky a little sunny delight. A regular gourmet I am.