Friday, May 20, 2005

A mini meme

Kate suggested a view from the entrance. We were missing Blackbird's meme and decided to strike out on our own this week. I believe Jen will be joining us....all are welcome to participate. Only for this week though, right Blackbird???

A view from the side door. This is the entrance we use a million times a day. Thank god you didn't ask this question 3 years ago, it wasn't pretty. The kitchen was the last room to be redone. My father in law offered to make us cabinets and we took him up on that ohsogenerous gift. It took him awhile but it was a labor of love, he would show me each and every step in detail. How he labored over the catch for the lazy susan, the guinea rigged(is that politically incorrect) tip out drawers for sponges, the fancy door for the corner cabinet. I love my little kitchen. Posted by Hello

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