Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Doldrums

So, did you all enjoy your summer? Apparently it's over. I must've missed it as it is NOVEMBER outside. 45 and raining. Again. The woodstove ususally ends its yearly run in early April and I am presently in a fit of panic because we are almost out of dry wood and oil. We have wood but it's soaking wet and we could get oil but I'm too cheap to spring for it. Get the blankies kids.

The season finale of Lost was SO excellent. I highly recommend trying to catch a few episodes of this show in the summer rerun schedule. They still repeat shows in the summer right? It's not all stuff like this is it?

Cabin fever has a firm grip on us. My daughter has discovered her 'old southern man' accent. There's alot of Howdy y'all and twang happening here today. I have nixed most of the TV shows that come into this house. PBS, Nick Jr, Avatar and Spongbob being the exceptions. I am entirely sick of Rugrats type humor. Well, I should say that I enjoy Rugrats but don't like listening to my kids who are sounding exactly like Angelica or someone from that Fairly Odd Parents show. Selfishly I have included Spongebob in the list of acceptable TV. My son declared PBS babyish and stated he will NEVER watch TV again. Heh. Right into the trap.

Of course it was more for my daughter's benefit then my son's . She sounds horrifyingly like an eight year old boy sometimes and I just can't have that. For instance: We attended a birthday party a few weeks ago. A princess *coughgagcough* party no less, complete with costumes. The little Cinderellas and Snow Whites were playing ring around the rosey. Very nice. After the second round my girlie suggests playing Guns and Roses. And proceeds to begin shooting with her fingers *bangbangbangbang*. Ring around the Rosey..... Guns and Roses. Rosey, Roses. Almost the same but not quite.

I don't mind the tomboyishness. In fact, I embrace it. I'm not crazy about the 'what-ever' with the eye roll stuff though so we'll see how this new TV thing works out.

I know, kind of boring, even to me. But dammit it's boring here. On the bright side Blackbird has a meme, excuse me, ANTI meme for tomorrow and now I've got pictures to take.

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