Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I am in the midst of trying to arrange child care for the summer months for the kiddos. Why is it next to impossible?????

The community rec program in town decided that instead of their flexible- pick -the- days- you- need day camp they'd be better off offering sports camps - for fifth grade and up. Super. So that's out. And I'm not sending them five days a week to a camp when I only need child care for one day a week. So that's out.

I did find a program that almost meets my needs - but totally meets my kids needs and they can go TOGETHER. Sort of. Same place, different activities. So that's where they'll end up. The girlie could've stayed at her school but I wanted them to be together if at all possible and I thought it would be a nice break for her. Gah. I'm exhausted. Now I must go to work and beg ask them to change my hours a bit. Fun.

The weekend was beautiful and very relaxing. We even had a huge thunderstorm on Sunday evening, complete with huge bolts of lightening and howling winds. Our good friends came down from New Hampshire and we realized just how much we missed each other. We laughed alot and made many promises about future visits.

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