Monday, February 25, 2008

So, the Spiderwick movie? Stunk. I think the high point of the day for the kids was picking up the tickets at a real, live radio station . They had the kids record a little promo message so they could use it on the air...they're practically famous. I mean, there's got to be at least 250 listeners...

Anyway, free tickets to a crappy movie? Still not a bad deal.

But my lucky streak has apparently ended. We went to a parent's night for the hockey league and won NOTHING. We especially didn't win the $1,000.00 cash grand prize or the free year of hockey tuition prize. Oh no. My husband even left every dollar he had in his own truck (which, we drove mine) so he had to borrow money for drinks. So lame. But he didn't have to use the money because everyone bought his drinks all night - I told him that everyone loves a winner (we're currently tied for first place). We did go home with a tray of baked ziti though, so that's something, I guess.

My fuzzy son, Baxter, has yet another tumor. And because of his otherwise seemingly stellar health the vet has recommended that we have it removed. Needless to say, that grand stinking prize would've come in really handy right about now but it wasn't to be and so regardless my pup goes in for surgery on the 11th of March.

Tonight my boy goes to a checking clinic for hockey where he will bounce off the bigger kids (which, since he weighs a whopping 65 pounds - is basically ALL of them) like a little pinball, ricocheting all over the ice. He can't wait, the weirdo.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have a winner!

So the other day I'm at work and the other employee (there are two of us, total) is listening to some local radio station. And by local radio station I mean small enough that it provides updates on what happened at the Board and Committee meetings of some nearby towns.

They ask some trivia question regarding Garth Brooks and Javelin throwing and I decide that we MUST win the tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles (even though both kids have expressly told me that they do NOT want to see it).

I google and have the answer even before the DJ has told us the phone number.

I call and being the obnoxiously fast and correct first caller...I win.

He calls me out on the google. Thankfully NOT on the air, because then I would've felt all kinds of guilty. But he laughs and tells me when I can pick up the tickets.

And so we're going tonight. The four of us have never been to the movies together. It's usually me and either both or one of the kids.

With my luck it's only two tickets as karma has a way of rewarding me swiftly and without mercy.

Have I mentioned my Blingo win? It's nothing too major but as a girl who just cheated to win tickets to a movie no one wanted to see, let's just say I like to win, shall we?

I've always seen the Blingo linkie on other people's sights and thought it was some online bingo thing. And since I've never been wanting to play online bingo - it went unclicked. And then Dawn. She won and she won big. I think she had a choice between a laptop or $750.00 cash. Come to find out the girl that she signed up from, well she won the same prize.

The blingo folks are all about the matchy matchy apparently. So I break down and click and find out it's a google powered search engine. Oh.

So I sign up and within a week I hit it small. A $5.00 Amazon gift card or a free movie ticket. I was way more excited than I needed to be. And if you want to make me happy? You'll all go click that little green button, sign up, win and shower me with prizes.

Sounds good, eh?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

*knocks on microphone*

Anyone out there?

Yeah, so I've been not so much with the posting lately. And not so much with the commenting either.


There's been a lot measuring and hammering and sanding going on around here. The husband is up to his ears on his yearly unemployment project. Last year it was a bed for the girl, this year it's an entertainment center. We hung the t.v. on the wall like some sort of hipster types and decided to just make something for all of the associated shit (hd box, dvd player, wii).

Dudes, that t.v. freaking wobbled every time the kids ran by and it was giving me a heart attack. Now it's totally attached to the very frame of the house and an earthquake would have a hard time shaking it down. Which is precisely the idea I was going for.

Oh, remember how it was just valentines day? And I mentioned a few posts ago about the son having a crush? Well.

The night before valentines day he asks me to take him out to get a card and/or some candy.

For her? I ask.

Yes, he says, for her.

Um, did you not just hear your father and sister leaving the house to go get valentines for school not two minutes before? And last week when I asked you if he needed anything? You told me no.

Yeah, but I just found out on the bus she's giving me something...can you take me?

Um, no. You'll have to come up with something from the house.

*Look of horror*

I tell him that he can just write happy valentines day on some card stock and wrap up a Reese's peanut butter heart with some ribbon. And he can leave it in his backpack so if she really does give him something, he doesn't hurt her feelings and he can reciprocate.

*look of horror* (because I suggested giving up the precious Reese's)

The boy complies. I cringe because, ugh.

He comes home the next day... and pulls a gift bag out of his backpack. It's red and valentiney looking. And then he pulls candy and more candy and MORE candy from the bag. All from K. And then a card. A grown up card with two people who've just made a footprint heart in the snow... that says "I'm so glad we found each other" on the inside. And says, Love K. And has her school picture inside.

*Gags* (that would be me)

I go down to the cellar/workshop to talk to my husband, to find out if he's seen the gift.

The first thing he asks me is if I've seen the bag.

The bag? I say...

The BAG he says. It's from Victoria's Secret.

*jaw drops to floor*

Really, what's her mother thinking?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Top o' the mornin' to yeh

Scene: My girl getting off the school bus.

Me: Hey there, how was your day?

Girlie: gooood.

Me: What's that near your eye? Were you crying? (Ready to scratch out eyes of girl whose been recently very mean to my beloved)

Girlie, feeling eyebrow... : Oh, that....

Me: Glue???

She proceeds to show me her clothes, covered with whitish spots and streaks...

Girlie: You'll never guess. Can you guess? Okay, I'll tell you. We did....(she inserts a dramatic pause here)

Paper McShea!

Love her.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So the last post pretty much summed up the Super Bowl. The Patriots going down in flames.

I'm going on record here as saying that I did my part. I wore the grey hoodie. I held the World Series popsicle stick. Which, as a testament to my illness, has held a place of honor in my kitchen since October.

Okay, maybe not a place of honor - being thrown into a little basket on top of the fridge with a ton of boxtops, sunglasses and Sox tops - but still.

It was all for naught as the defense let the game slip right out of their fingers, much like Eli slipped out of their fingers during that last drive. But at least the defense played 3.75 solid quarters of football, unlike the offensive line.

And who exactly was calling the offensive plays during the game? Because I'm hoping that they're losing sleep over their poor decisions.

This guy has a great bit on getting over the depression...

And son had this on HEAVY rotation all of last week. Embed it on my blog??? It's embeded in my BRAIN. And it's all irrelevant now, so thanks for that, Flo Rida.

And to Blackbird - because I cannot reply to comments via email (is there a setting for that? It always gives me a bogus 'no reply' message...) - sorry. *hangs head in shame* I'm guessing you're not alone though and that you're not a compulsive gambler betting your mortgage payment or Middle's college tuition. At least I'm hoping your not. *crosses fingers*

Monday, February 04, 2008