Monday, February 25, 2008

So, the Spiderwick movie? Stunk. I think the high point of the day for the kids was picking up the tickets at a real, live radio station . They had the kids record a little promo message so they could use it on the air...they're practically famous. I mean, there's got to be at least 250 listeners...

Anyway, free tickets to a crappy movie? Still not a bad deal.

But my lucky streak has apparently ended. We went to a parent's night for the hockey league and won NOTHING. We especially didn't win the $1,000.00 cash grand prize or the free year of hockey tuition prize. Oh no. My husband even left every dollar he had in his own truck (which, we drove mine) so he had to borrow money for drinks. So lame. But he didn't have to use the money because everyone bought his drinks all night - I told him that everyone loves a winner (we're currently tied for first place). We did go home with a tray of baked ziti though, so that's something, I guess.

My fuzzy son, Baxter, has yet another tumor. And because of his otherwise seemingly stellar health the vet has recommended that we have it removed. Needless to say, that grand stinking prize would've come in really handy right about now but it wasn't to be and so regardless my pup goes in for surgery on the 11th of March.

Tonight my boy goes to a checking clinic for hockey where he will bounce off the bigger kids (which, since he weighs a whopping 65 pounds - is basically ALL of them) like a little pinball, ricocheting all over the ice. He can't wait, the weirdo.


Mig said...

Awwww, well pinball is a fun game right?

Hugs to your fuzzy son, I'll be thinking of him (and secretly hope you win the lottery before his operation date :-)

Jennifer said...

Really? It wasn't good? AT ALL!! hmmm.

Poor Baxter... give him a nice big hug for me okay!

Your son is too funny

~**Dawn**~ said...

Mmmmm.... baked ziti...

I really need to go heat up my lunch.

Anonymous said...

[You've been bitten by the BlogRat!

I must apologize to the owner of this beautiful blog- a rat (even a Charming and Talented one) cannot legally own a blog of his very own, according to the Imperial Standard 901.6. Therefore, I will just post this one brief post in your comment box, and be on my merry way to another page.]

Today was much more exciting than yesterday, being a Day in which the most Charming and Talented rat in the world (me) decided to pursue a Path of Higher Education. Yes- this very (Charming and Talented) rat is going to school, and nothing short of Lake Cheese freezing over will stop me now.

So- first to pick a School. I stepped outside and asked the nearest cheery-looking chap which school would be best to attend. He was no help, and tried to step on me. So I decided to try out Warthon University in Gangridge.

Do you know what I don't get about The World? A great many things, I confess, but I think what I most don't get is thumbtacks.

- BlogRat