Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have a winner!

So the other day I'm at work and the other employee (there are two of us, total) is listening to some local radio station. And by local radio station I mean small enough that it provides updates on what happened at the Board and Committee meetings of some nearby towns.

They ask some trivia question regarding Garth Brooks and Javelin throwing and I decide that we MUST win the tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles (even though both kids have expressly told me that they do NOT want to see it).

I google and have the answer even before the DJ has told us the phone number.

I call and being the obnoxiously fast and correct first caller...I win.

He calls me out on the google. Thankfully NOT on the air, because then I would've felt all kinds of guilty. But he laughs and tells me when I can pick up the tickets.

And so we're going tonight. The four of us have never been to the movies together. It's usually me and either both or one of the kids.

With my luck it's only two tickets as karma has a way of rewarding me swiftly and without mercy.

Have I mentioned my Blingo win? It's nothing too major but as a girl who just cheated to win tickets to a movie no one wanted to see, let's just say I like to win, shall we?

I've always seen the Blingo linkie on other people's sights and thought it was some online bingo thing. And since I've never been wanting to play online bingo - it went unclicked. And then Dawn. She won and she won big. I think she had a choice between a laptop or $750.00 cash. Come to find out the girl that she signed up from, well she won the same prize.

The blingo folks are all about the matchy matchy apparently. So I break down and click and find out it's a google powered search engine. Oh.

So I sign up and within a week I hit it small. A $5.00 Amazon gift card or a free movie ticket. I was way more excited than I needed to be. And if you want to make me happy? You'll all go click that little green button, sign up, win and shower me with prizes.

Sounds good, eh?


blackbird said...

I'd love to WIN BIG! with you but I am still recovering from SPAMITIS and am not putting my email address ANYWHERE for at least a couple of weeks...

Mig said...

You know at the begining I was thinking AWESOME we are going ... and then by the end ...

I was bummed.

Although I AM happy you're on a winning streak, so have FUN!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!!! :)

Let me know how the movie is. I'm very anxious to see it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am laughing at blackbird's comment. I don't think I have ever gotten any spam as a result of Blingo but for $750? They could spam me all day long. I can click delete with a big smile. Especially when my winnings got me a new printer/scanner *and* tickets to three Sox games. With money left over.

catsteevens said...

I'm Blingo-ing away. Wish me (us) luck!