Saturday, February 16, 2008

*knocks on microphone*

Anyone out there?

Yeah, so I've been not so much with the posting lately. And not so much with the commenting either.


There's been a lot measuring and hammering and sanding going on around here. The husband is up to his ears on his yearly unemployment project. Last year it was a bed for the girl, this year it's an entertainment center. We hung the t.v. on the wall like some sort of hipster types and decided to just make something for all of the associated shit (hd box, dvd player, wii).

Dudes, that t.v. freaking wobbled every time the kids ran by and it was giving me a heart attack. Now it's totally attached to the very frame of the house and an earthquake would have a hard time shaking it down. Which is precisely the idea I was going for.

Oh, remember how it was just valentines day? And I mentioned a few posts ago about the son having a crush? Well.

The night before valentines day he asks me to take him out to get a card and/or some candy.

For her? I ask.

Yes, he says, for her.

Um, did you not just hear your father and sister leaving the house to go get valentines for school not two minutes before? And last week when I asked you if he needed anything? You told me no.

Yeah, but I just found out on the bus she's giving me something...can you take me?

Um, no. You'll have to come up with something from the house.

*Look of horror*

I tell him that he can just write happy valentines day on some card stock and wrap up a Reese's peanut butter heart with some ribbon. And he can leave it in his backpack so if she really does give him something, he doesn't hurt her feelings and he can reciprocate.

*look of horror* (because I suggested giving up the precious Reese's)

The boy complies. I cringe because, ugh.

He comes home the next day... and pulls a gift bag out of his backpack. It's red and valentiney looking. And then he pulls candy and more candy and MORE candy from the bag. All from K. And then a card. A grown up card with two people who've just made a footprint heart in the snow... that says "I'm so glad we found each other" on the inside. And says, Love K. And has her school picture inside.

*Gags* (that would be me)

I go down to the cellar/workshop to talk to my husband, to find out if he's seen the gift.

The first thing he asks me is if I've seen the bag.

The bag? I say...

The BAG he says. It's from Victoria's Secret.

*jaw drops to floor*

Really, what's her mother thinking?


Pocklock said...

Wow. What is her mother thinking?!

Just keep him skating. With any luck it'll distract him from girls.

Mig said...

Do they make chastity belts for boys?

Just wondering.

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking her mother has NO idea that she did that. I'm HOPING her mother has NO idea she did that.

~**Dawn**~ said...

What is this Valentines Days of which you speak? My eyes were glued on Ft Myers. ;-)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Ack! Nothing says, "take my daughter, please" than a Victoria's Secret bag!

Amy said...

Wow. That's just...well...SAD!! That's the same mom that will be shocked when her daughter is knocked up before she graduates. GOOD GRIEF!!!

Good thing you've got a better head on your shoulders than she does and can get ahold of your son before K gets any further grips into him!!!

vw bug said...

And I thought having boys would be easier. Ugh.

catsteevens said...

Holy shit. sigh they're starting younger and younger these days