Thursday, March 31, 2005

Coming to you live....


Tom...Now that's what I'm tawkin' about.

Comment -a Thon

Tomorrow, there's a site you should visit. And don't just visit. Comment. And spread the word.

Click here.

Ditching School - Second Grade style

Again, karma, or as Catt calls it- Karmel, has gotten the best of me. Although, it got her - and but good, a few weeks ago.

Son: Mum I don't feel so good, kind of like I'm going to throw up.

Me: Aw honey, you don't feel warm - is it your stomache?

Son: yeah, and my throat feels all thick.

Me: well, strep is going around and you don't look so well, maybe you should stay home.

Fast forward two hours....

Son: Mom, can I play gamecube/gameboy/warcraft? Sister can you get me a popsicle/pencil/paper/marker/whatever.

Daughter: Running to and fro with popsicles for the boy, wrappers for the trash, pencils, markers, lap desk - otherwise known as her brother's every whim.

Me: Feeling better?

Son - slinking down on the couch: well, i don't know, i'm kinda....

Me: You feel fine don't you? Don't you? I need to know.

Son: Yeah.

Me: Stop treating your sister like your own personal gopher then and the new threshold for staying home will be actual vomit or a fever and possibly a broken bone - but don't count on that last one.

So my day, planned for the outdoors, has been summarily cancelled. I've changed my blog, edited my blogroll and surfed through some of your blogrolls for some new reads. I've made beds, cleaned the kitchen, done some laundry and well...I guess that's it.

We can't even go to the library to find a book on brook habitats because we'll get busted by the librarian. That and his class visits the public library every other Thursday and I'm not sure if it's this week or not.

Survivor tonight? I'm hoping so.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here fishy fishy....

I'm a fool. I can't help it. Fish. We're getting fish. I don't even like fish. Didn't I call my husband something like, suckah! last night? Karma, I guess, because that term totally applies to me today.

Well, the Easter candy is half gone. Sadly it's only my daughter's half that's gone thanks to the dogs. This will go over well when she sees my son busting into his candy after school.

And yes, still crushing on Boston Rob - even after his poor spear throwing attempt and especially because after he blew by the accident scene he says to the host man "Uh, it's a race Phil."

My son has to do a project for Earth Day. He's got to make a habitat. His choice of habitat but he's got to research the environment and wildlife. The only time they have to go to the school library was cancelled to rehearse for the Earth Day show (don't ask....poems about rainfall and songs about garbage) - foolish. I know that I, uh, we could look for information online for him to read through, but maybe a chance to look at an actual book might be helpful.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I clicked and the blogger page loaded. It's about time. Couldn't they warn us or something? What would be the harm in that???

Please, save me from the hell that is this on DVD.

Tonight is two hours of the Amazing Race, hopefully mostly of Boston Rob and then The Shield. A fine, entertaining evening. I've been ODing on Curb Your Enthusiasm and its driving the husband crazy.

I started reading the book club book, the one written by a member of the book club. I'd say so far so good - but that would be a lie. I don't like it. At all. Shit. Might make for an awkward evening.

The husband is filling out his coaching application for next season's hockey program and there's an essay question. HAHAHAHA! Suckah!

One day of eye medication left. One glorious day.

See you all tomorrow....

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The hunt is done, and this year we actually FOUND all of the eggs. Last year, there was an egg in the Fisher Price Barn Silo for Ida know, maybe four months. It helps when the Bunny doesn't suffer from short term memory loss.

The kids got candy. Big surprise there. Reese's for the boy and solid eggs for the girlie. Sweet Tarts for both. We got the Sponge Bob Movie Soundtrack for the girl too. Because we're GOOFY GOOBERS - ROCK! The boy got a speedometer for his bike and a football. They both got some Pokemon cards, a paddleball and a SpongeBob ball. A good take. We have two very happy kiddos.

We're heading to the in-laws for dinner and an egg hunt later today. I have no more Easter related responsibilites, which is so very nice. Have a great day all.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Cripes that's alotta diamonds

Up close and personal with the Patriots Super Bowl ring from last year. The ring belongs to 'The Voice of the New England Patriots' and his grandson is on our hockey team. I spotted it and requested a viewing. Gaudy and yet, scarily, beautiful. But I'm biased. Posted by Hello

A Friday Meme

For Blackbird's Meme:

The purse, $5.00 at Filenes, which will soon be Macy's. Why, oh why do the anti-trust laws not apply to these types of things.

The contents: small brown bag, came with the $5.00 purse, filled with my driver's license, a credit card, a Dunkin Donuts gift card, one $2.00 winner of a scratch ticket, one subway card, $16.00 and the health insurance cards.

Silver Game Boy with Pokemon Ruby
Directions to today's hockey game.
lime green post - its.
Four pens.
Baseball card of someone named Jones.
Coupon for caterpillars
Work key
Car keys
Empty tic tac case
cell phone, with brown case (also free with the purse). Notice the phone isn't in the case. It's never in the case.
usually my camera but that was what took the picture
and in one of the side pockets there's always chapstick.Posted by Hello
I guess I'd have to say I was surprised at just how important your emails and comments were to me the past two days. Lucky is how I felt. Lucky and soothed. Which surprised me, pleasantly. Thanks to all of you who took a minute to jot something down for me. It meant alot.

And now, back to the really important stuff.

Boston Rob. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Oh, wait. I don't know what comes after 999 kagillion. Seriously, I have a huge crush on a lying, cheating, scheming fellow from down the road a bit.

Survivor. THANK GOD - James is outta here. Phew. He was too much nostril for me to take. I'm also really liking Stephanie and Bobby Jon (also known as Jesus) and hope Stephanie didn't screw herself with the wishy washy vote.

Today is again, busy. Hockey this morning, supposed to go to the movies but the warm weather might dictate an alternate activity (hey, it's supposed to be 55. Don't laugh Kate, it's a heatwave) and then off to Providence tonight to watch the son skate between the periods of a Providence Bruins game. The P. Bruins are the farm team for the real Bruins, which have alot of time off presently. His team is SO damn excited. Me too.

And finally, Blackbird has another photo meme up for today. I'll be posting my pic later, won't you join us?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This morning.

Well, it's done. Phew. She really is quite a champ. She laid down on that operating table smiling and calm. And the surgeon and anesthesiologist, were quite simply, the best. They radiated soothingness (word? probably not.), the surgeon rubbing her tummy while the anesthesiologist laid his cheek against the top of her head and whispered sweet things to her. The only one with tears was me.

Afterwards, a bit of a different story. A girlie possessed. She was a little, heh- ALOT, angry waking up. Just so the world knows SHE HATES JELLO!!!! I think only half the town heard that declaration yesterday. The drugs play a part in this so I wasn't alarmed. Apparently the drugs also play a part in vomiting, which she did every time she ate. But in typical fashion she would beg for a little something else to eat/drink not five minutes later.

Today, she's back to her regular old self except for the ointment and eyedrops she needs. Which are stressing her out to no end. The doctor checked her out this afternoon and pronounced her perfect. So for now, eyesight worries are abated and my stomach can unknot itself.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


We are home and she's sleeping soundly....
See you guys tomorrow
Thank you for your words/thoughts and prayers.
Much appreciated.

Monday, March 21, 2005

I know it's not Tuesday madness but I'm late - indulge me.

How Many........
1. gadgets do you own? Related to the PC? Two, A digital camera and binoculars.
2. on your living room walls? 11. Sounds like alot, but somehow I think it works.
3. ...magnets on your refrigerator? 19
4. ...reference books in your bookshelves? 13. Does the Star Wars Visual Dictionary count? Yes? Then 14.
5. ...boxes of cereal in your cupboards? 5
6. ...lamps in your house? 3 table lamps and one attached to the wall. Ceiling lights don't count, right?
7. ...times a week do you shop for groceries? just about once every two weeks, with a stop at the veggie store in between.
8. ...magazines do you subscribe to? 3. Family Fun, Entertainment Weekly and Time.
9. programs do you watch on a regular basis? Amazing Race, The Shield, Survivor, The Apprentice
10. ...items on your bathroom counter that don't really need to be there? 3 extra toothbrushes. The kids have two or three toothbrushes EACH. Why? Wish I knew.

Silly Rabbit.

Well, the girlie got her all clear for Wednesday's big surgery. Well, little tiny surgery but still.
I've got the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, so that's good. Not.

I haven't been grocery shopping in two weeks. If I don't go tonight we'll be eating the actual cereal boxes tomorrow.

I forgot that I had any responsibilities where Easter was concerned. I thought I just had to show up for dinner at my mother in laws. Damn rabbit. I would love to drop the Easter Bunny story for my son. He so didn't believe last year and then he kind of got sucked back in. He discovered his mother's coping tool. Denial. Don't think about it and it won't be true. There ya go.

Well, this year it's going to take some major work to keep the bunny story going and I want to give in but I'm afraid Santa will pop into the conversation too. And dammit, he's NOT going to stop believing in Santa. EVER. Because that would mean he's growing up and well, he's not. See, excellent coping skills at work here.

Well, I'm off to check out the son's marathon hockey tryout and then to the grocery store. And I guess Target because I have baskets to fill and how often do I get to go to the store with out the kids. Um....never??? Not true. But it's not often enough that's for sure.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Terry, then April and now Kate and Tash and always Gemmak, Jen & Lisa. I guess it's spring cleaning time - time to switch up the ole blog templates. I love clicking and finding something new.

Hair dyeing - complete. My daughter freaked and thought she wasn't going to know who I was and then promptly changed tactics and begged my to try purple. Um, no, not this time - but scarily, I find it tempting.

Reptile Show- complete. Money sucking extravaganza is what it should say in parentheses. But whatever, kids liked it and we got to pet an alligator.

Surprise Party - complete. Missed the surprise part and the roast/eulogy but had fun nonetheless.

The dogs are duking it out for the much coveted title of "Biggest Pain in the Ass". Our lab, who we've had from puppyhood, well...we thought he was over all the ridiculously bad dog behavior. HAH. The past month has been non-stop "What in the hell did they get into now?!?!?" in this house. Let me just say the first time I found Fred the Beagle on the kitchen table, licking my daughter's plate well, I had to laugh. A dog. On the table. *hee - small dogs are so funny* The 15th time, not so much.

And now Baxter the Lab has been lured to the dark side. There is simply no other explanation for finding the leftover macaroni and cheese, which was left to cool in a tupperware dish - pushed up against the back edge of the counter!- empty and on the floor. And three separate tubs of butter, or margarine or whatever.... gone. From the counter to the floor and licked clean by the time I return from the bus stop. Unless Fred has mastered the use of a step stool our well behaved dog has turned a new leaf.

Last night, Fred decided that we had made him wait long enough for dinner. An entire sub, except for some spinach, gone. Then comes the fun. Big bloated beagle. Take him out a million times, pray he doesn't have an accident on the floor. At least this time I knew what he ate. A game I don't like to play is "Why is Fred all bloaty and fat looking and why can't I find any evidence of his gluttony???"

The son had his first playoff hockey game. They got smoked 12-0. The other coach apologized. The kids didn't seem to mind too much, they're a good bunch. We have a green patch of grass showing through. Grass. Real, live grass. Amazing.

Friday, March 18, 2005

See what happens if I read even one news website? Sorry.

Somehow, this never occured to me...

And maybe, just maybe, the government could stay out of this....
And it all started because of Jose Canseco??? I mean c'mon.

Why aren't they tested? Civil liberties? Home Depot drug tests their employees. If you don't want to be tested, work elsewhere. Right? Well, if you don't want to be tested Mr. McGwire, go elsewhere. Does he still play? I don't even know. But I'm sure he could find a job doing something else. It's not his godgiven right to play baseball. Or maybe he can, but just in a saturday softball league somewhere. Tighten up the reins pro baseball. The players have too much power.

Other than those pressing issues, not much happening here. Going to color my hair today, a reptile show at the school, a surprise birthday party for a friend. That's it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Do-It-Yourself Meme

For Blackbird, who gently suggested that I had exceeded the quota of spring/summer pictures and discussion for the week. And by gently suggesting, I mean not so gently and with exclamation points. The meme, per her suggestion, is a pic of your kitchen c'mon and play along...(this could be an easy way out of Photo Friday Kate :) )

Well, here it is in all its glory. My kitchen sink. A note to anyone thinking about remodeling....a tall faucet and a deep sink equal alot of splatter. Be prepared for the constant wipe down. That being said, I love my kitchen. I wish I had a scanner so you guys could see what it used to look like. Mauve wallpaper, awkward corner, plywood cabinets with no insulation so that when opening a cabinet door a cool breeze would waft out. Did I mention the random lightbulb in a bottom cabinet? It worked. But why? Never mind all's all gone now. The mickey mouse glass. From McDonald's. It's my favorite. I have no great love for Mickey or McDonalds but I love that damn cup. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is a close up of the girlie. This time in my in-laws pool. Nice goggles.  Posted by Hello
The daughter is much, much better. Very stuffy with a heck of a cough but better. Of course the cough and stuffy nose may mean that we have to postpone the eye surgery but we'll find out more about that on Thursday.

The hockey tryouts were great. He skated like a defensive mainiac. He held his own and exceeded my expectations by a mile. Very proud last night. Naturally, afterwards, some parents were saying that the tryouts are just a formality and that the coaches already know who they want on the team. Damn sports politics. So we'll content ourselves with just hoping for the best.

Looking forward to The Shield tonight. That show's been gone for awhile.

Trying to plan a trip up to Maine and just checked the town website - 50 inches of snow on the ground. Never mind. The plow stops a mile before the property so we'd have to snowmobile in and our 1979 snowmobile died over President's day weekend, just like my car. Maybe the two were somehow connected. Whatever the case, the snowmobile isn't working and I'm not snowshoeing in with two kids in tow and heading to a place with no heat or water. We'll wait for the thaw.

Other than that I'm now debating between the Outer Banks and Hilton Head. The Outer Banks will save us four 1/2 hours worth of driving and looks very laid back and relaxing but the place in Hilton Head looks bee-yoo-tee-ful. We're also looking through the RCI book Terry, so many choices. Too bad Hawaii for us is about a 125 hour plane ride. And even if it isn't we'd get there and only be able to afford a box of cereal for our meals. *sad face* So the east coast it is.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Ugh. Sick Patrol again. This time it's the girl. Cough, Fever, ThrowUp. Repeat.

How many times can someone watch the SpongeBob Squarepants movie without their brain turning to jelly?

Productive woman has gone over to Tash's. It's 11:05 and I'm still in jammies. I've done laundry, well, I've washed and dried it but it sits all jumbled up in way too many baskets downstairs. Out of sight, out of mind.

Tonight the son is trying out for the A Team (no, not with Mr. T and George Peppard) for next year's season . The hockey A Team. I'm nervous for him. These kids can skate. They skate alot and the coach this year - he's all business. I think he's out of his league a little bit, but he's really wanting to give it a shot so we're letting him. Worse can scenario is that he'd be on the B Team, which he's totally capable of. *Fingers Crossed*

Gah. The office just called. Why is it every piece of paper that gets misplaced somehow become my responsiblity. I work 9 hours a week. And the amount of paperwork in this office is mindboggling. And two other people work out of the same office. Not to mention the people that work for the town that just come in to grab paperwork for site visits and such. Apparently the logic is - if you have even laid eyes on it then you own it. Personally, I don't subscribe to this, but because I'm not there due to the girlie's condition I am now the misplacer in question. Pfft.

Well, I'm off to shower and finish watching Spongebob and Patrick get rescued by David Hasselhoff. Yeah, I know. Jelly.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

 Posted by Hello

The pond. August 2004. Aahhh, Summer. To be tired of grilling out and hot days. Sick of going to the pond every night after dinner and wishing that the lawn would mow itself.  Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday's Feast

Appetizer - Where do you go when you want to relax? Nowhere. Home is where I like it best. I find it most relaxing when I'm here alone, but can't spend life chasing pipe dreams now can we? :)

Soup - Tell about something that made you laugh this week. Connor and his cow-o-phobia. Thanks Jen, that was wicked funny.

Salad - What is your favorite texture? soft flannel sheets.

Main Course - If you were to publish your autobiography, what would the first sentence be? Here's the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up two very lovely kids.

Dessert - Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so, how? Well, on St. Patrick's Day eve we set out a trap, a leprechaun trap, to catch those little buggers who cause mischief in the house. My son gets this elaborate thing going and we leave bait all over the house in the form of gold coin type chocolates. The dastardly leprechan usually leaves green hershey's kisses and shamrock glitter in all the places he's been. And mischief everywhere. Chairs layed on their sides, books stacked askew. Toothbushes hidden, that type of stuff. The kids wear green, we have corned beef and cabbage for dinner and I'll usually try to grab a Shamrock Shake.

And no, we're not at all Irish.

Ah, the smell of 409 and Endust....

Kate's friend, Productive Girl seems to have paid me a visit.

I am possessed with cleaning. I know it is a temporary affliction because the novelty has already worn off and it's only day two. I am just finding it hard to stop. Where do I draw the line? The kids rooms, those are a must. The kitchen and bathroom also musts. So that leaves the living room and minature play room. Well, the mini play room doesn't have much to clean and I don't want to watch Ray tonight in a sloppy room so the entire house is now under seige.

Alas, I have no lawn to mow but it seems that there will be more shoveling after tonight.

Good gawd, I just wrote alas. You can be sure I do NOT talk like that.

Oh, I'm trying to plan a vacation for next spring. Late spring, like May. We're driving and the in-laws are giving us a week of their time share allotment. Whatdya think - Virginia Beach or The Outer Banks? We've never been to either and I'm wanting beach and husband wants fishing.
Is it just me or is blogger comment thing not working?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

For Connor...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Poor guy...
Real time blogging, Blackbird style:

Tom is bleeding....damn those Ulong.

*Well, this would have been real time if blogger wasn't so damn slow....

Things I'm loving...

This smell

This guy

This game

This show

Things I'm not that crazy about




Okay sorry. The bunnies are a little to cutsie poo for me but I've run out of time and now have to go catch the bus. Jumping bunnies. Pah.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And of course I'd rather have snow. Cold rain. Blech. Posted by Hello

Up close and personal with a coyote. Newly taxidermied and waiting for me at the office yesterday when I arrived.  Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I found fifty dollars, yep five zero, in my old car while I was cleaning it out.

So it wasn't the lottery, but I didn't have to buy a ticket and I got $50. Sweet.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The book club was it's usual success. The book, 100 years of solitude. Well, let me just say that I read half of it and only two people out of 15 finished it. Neither one being the hostess who chose it. Difficult and homeworkish, although it was beautifully written. Do you care? Nah, proably not.

Our next book choice was written by one of the members of our book club. She just got it published and it's listed on Amazon. I've linked her over in my sidebar. I guess she had a publishing deal and she was unhappy with it so she decided to self-publish. She's only been coming to our group for the past 3 or so meetings but I cannot wait to read it. I hope it's good. What if it isn't?? Gak! That's my worry for her. She swore that she wants to know what we really, really think.

If I like it I'll let you all know and then you can all order it and make her very, very happy. And if you don't want to wait for my opinion then just go ahead and order it anyway :)

The girls in the book club are trying to get me to scrapbook. I am like a cat, legs outstretched, claws out-clinging to everything in sight as someone tries to stuff me into a car carrier. Resistance is futile they tell me. We shall see....

Friday, March 04, 2005

How is it that I'm thirty three and CANNOT fold a fitted sheet?
I apologize in advance for the colors-a-plenty to be found on my blog today. Sadly for you guys I've found html color codes and went a little wacky. I'm sure they'll be changed soon but it won't be today. :)

Sweet Victory

A few weeks ago a little team from my area won something we like to call THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR. But to get to that game we had to do something I will refer here to as - wipe the floor with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mission accomplished. Prior to the game a friendly wager was waged with (have some w's why don't I?) Tara. Not Tair-a as I was erroneously calling her for the past 8 months. Sorry, 'bout that. Well, the Patriots came, saw and conquered.

Now, those guys get these huge fancy 20 carat diamond rings for their wins. Blah, blah, blah. Kind of big and gaudy for little 'ole me. I got something better. Kitsch. For my Fridge. It hangs proudly holding up my daughter's snow man picture. Thanks Tara. Same time next year???

The Grand Prize. Posted by Hello
Book club this evening. I'm at the halfway point and I know that I'll never finish. Finishing isn't a prerequisite for attendance though, so I'm good. But I must come up with a snack and because the son is sick and the husband has the new truck while his gets fixed, it must be made from things I already have. Hmmm....

Made chewy peanut butter cookies yesterday. A big hit. I monkeyed with the recipe a bit because well, because I wanted more peanut buttery goodness. Plus I ran out of vanilla last time I baked and had nothing to subsititute. They might be the go-to snack for tonight.

And Survivor.... gah! Keeping the weak, lazy, non-skilled type is NOT usually the brightest move.

It feels like noon

We began our day at 2:30 a.m. with puking. The son, not me. The sun is out. Things are looking up.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

On the way to work. I think I am the only person in the Northeast that is not at all sick of the snow.

*Update: I just got the weekly paper (news doesn't happen every day in these parts :) ) and it said we've had 92 inches of snow since January 1st. Posted by Hello

The view from the office as of yesterday.
Click here to see my view in the summer. A bit different, eh?
Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Another foot of snow on Monday night. No school Tuesday. Again. Guess when my son gets out for the summer. June 28th. That's right three days before JULY.

I've fallen asleep at 7:30 p.m. for two of the past three nights. Missed the Oscars. Even the red carpet stuff was dull and after ten minutes I lost interest. I knew I'd get the best possible recap on Go Fug Yourself anyway. Those girls are great.

Unfortunately the one night I did stay up was Monday. I wasted most of an evening on a pile of crap called The Bachelorette. Ugh. Of course you cannot MAKE someone fall in love from a group of twenty five men, but do you then have to pretend to have to think about an engagement when it's pretty clear that you're not totally "committed'' to the guy. And then to them pretend to have her break the news on the live show. Uh, okay. Did everyone NOT hear her whispering to him when she came out? Was that ABC or really Jen's call, who knows. Ugh, the whole premise of the show has always kind of bugged me but I watched anyway. By the end of the show though, I end up seriously disliking the bachelor/ette because they just lead that second place contestant right on. Here's a hint: Quit with the making out with the second place contestants after they profess their love for you. Do them and yourself a favor. It's just plain cheesy.

And on the parent front...they called Sunday morning for directions to the rink. No phone calls or hints from us. They went to the game. My son impressed his grandparents with his hockey abilities. They cheered. At dinner that night my mom proceeded to ask him if he really, really likes it or just goes. Again with the question. It's the question that bothers me, coupled with the comments she's made to me in the past, more than the lack of attendance. Whatever mom. He's psyched for next year's tryouts if that means anything. Which it doesn't because according to her he plays just to please us. Grrr.

But seeing as I posted about the hockey issue and then it all happened of its own accord I will now rant about not winning the lottery. Can't hurt right? Okay, I can't even rant. According to the commercials - "You can't win if you don't play". Ah-ha. That's the trick, eh? Well, I don't play so apparently no amount of posting will make lottery winnings fall into my lap.