Thursday, August 06, 2009

*dusts off the keyboard*

Which might actually be true if I wasn't fritting my time away on that dastardly Facebook. Which, while I love it has some serious downfalls.

If I read one more Hooray it's Friday! or Boo Mondays! I may weep. Save that shit for Twitter.

  • The dog weighs almost sixty pounds. I don't know, but that seems big. I'm sure the growing will slow down a bit now. Maybe?
  • Was just told that my hours at work will be a joke once a big development project finishes up. From a local engineer: "this town is going to EXPLODE when that tower is done".
  • Shit. Love my small town.
  • Sixty pound dogs make excellent foot warmers.
  • Loving black cherry kool-aid.
  • And frozen margaritas
  • Two weeks until vacation!
And with that, I'm disappearing again. Not for long though...