Thursday, February 03, 2005

*Warning - Soap boxy rant*

I basically never post about my job, because

A. It's kind of dull. I mean do you care if the FEIR exempts a proposed housing development from the rivers act or the fact that the septic line remediation will be paid by the other ongoing school project? No? I didn't think so. Although Blackbird enjoys workish lingo so maybe it won't go unappreciated.

B. I don't want anyone I know to find me. Ever.

But tonight I'm working for a committee and they're finishing up the construction of a new school in our town. The school is already open and they're discussing the DVD/VCR players in the classrooms. EVERY classroom. Half don't work, but that's besides the point. They use these things, all the time because, apparently, almost every text book issued comes with a DVD for classroom use.

The project manager and I (who don't have a child this age-yet) both stop what we're doing and look at each other - DVDs? For every text book? Huh? Isn't there some worry about kids watching too much TV? Even if it's educational? I mean is there no other way for these textbook publishers to get their ideas across than to include a DVD? I don't know what it says about our teachers, maybe nothing, because they don't have muc, if any, choice in choosing textbooks.

I'm no crazy 'never watch TV' kind of girl and of course movies can be used to further a point or help kids understand a concept or for a special event (or in the case of highschoolers to provide a much needed nap or opportunity to do the homework you should have done the night before), but with every textbook? Is that so necessary?

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