Sunday, November 20, 2005

Slacker: N. One who slacks. Who posts Friday's Show and Tell on Sunday. Who tries to serve cereal for dinner so that she won't have to go to the grocery store. Who hasn't ordered the darn Christmas Card pictures yet.

So, The First Order of Business

A French English teeny tiny dictionary. It was my grandmother's. And while it is kept on my desk I speak not a lick of French. Cripes, I'm barely treading water with English some days. But I love it nonetheless.

Red bows on a favorite dog.
My son wanted a red room. Two red walls was our compromise. Or, wait... sorry - it was all my choice as he had no idea that while he was fishing in New Hampshire I'd be completely redoing his room. This is my favorite of the two red walls.

Sadly, more burgundy than red but hey...cardboard is cardboard.

And that concludes this week's edition of Show and Tell.

In other news, a local Mite hockey team has moved to 6-1-1 on the season and soccer is done until Spring. The hockey parents were politely asked to tone it down a bit. Most everyone was okay there was only one "If I can't cheer for my son than he won't be playing in this league". Well, Goodbye Mr. Worst Offender. You won't be missed.

I spent yesterday purging my children's rooms of all of the unused toys. I LOVE doing this. My room is next. My room is always NEXT. Some other project always seems to jump in the way. Of course, some other project might be Survivor or this blog or something but my definition for project isn't as well thought out as my definition for slacker.

And now it's Sunday. There are three extra children at my house. And somehow it is quieter than when it is just my two.

My in-laws have returned from their vacation/house hunting trip to South Carolina. I'm curious to see what they've found.

Late afternoon sunlight looks perfectly golden from my bedroom window and none of my pictures do it the least bit of justice.

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