Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. We just lost power and my too long post was eaten up. Just when I feel like I have something SO important to share. And do you want to know what it is that was so important? Yes? Well, good. Gives me a reason to move on to Number 2.

2. Ikea. Is. Coming. I've never been and finally, finally there is one that will be closer than a 2 hour drive. A drive that can be measured in minutes. As in 20 minutes. November 9th.

3. I just finished the Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Eh.

4. I'm done with Freecycle. Ditched again. Off to goodwill I go.

5. My neighbor's cat has been haunting my yard. A cat is the ONLY thing my dog will go through the electric fence for. This cat comes in the yard and sometimes the dog spots him and gives chase. Once he realizes he's out he trollops around for awhile, goes for a swim in the lake, goes to the park to shag baseballs for the little league, hits up the snack bar and is either A. Picked up by Animal Control (hey, say Hi to Fred while you're there) or B. Comes almost home. He walks around the perimeter of the yard whining. Should I be angry that I've spent ALOT of money on a fence which keeps my dog contained 99% of the time and they let their cats wander freely? Cats that they must consider dispos-a-pets as they live on the main road and they've lost 5 to cars. Well, it doesn't matter if I should be angry or not. I am. Next step, garden hose.

6. Rowr. Holy anger management issues, Jenny. But seriously, if I have to listen to my neighbor's daughters scream "BAXTER, KNOCK IT OFF...BAD DOG" at my dog one more fucking time for barking like a wild cur when their cat comes wandering into my yard I think I'll turn the hose on them. Actually, what I do is call my dog over and scratch him behind the ears and say "Good bubba, bad, bad kitties" in my smooshy talking to dogs and babies voice. And no, I won't really turn the hose on my neighbor's daughter. I do however ask her why it's okay for her cat to chase and kill a bird but not for my dog to give chase to the cat. A cat he could never catch by the way.

7. We have a hockey parents meeting coming up so they can tell us how they deal with rude, disrespectful parents. Parents who might yell at the refs during their fourth grade son's game and, say, flip them off. Or parents who might berate the coaches by yelling "Open your Eyes - Can't you Count???" when the coach accidentally doesn't send a full shift out during a line change. Both happened in the past few weeks in my son's league. I can't say that I'm surprised, hockey is an intense, contact filled sport. But I am disappointed and embarrassed. I mean, christ, it's a GAME people. And they are KIDS. Kids who need to be taught to respect the coaches and the referees. Setting a fine example these parents are. Idiots.

8. Wow, look at me getting all long and ranty. Venting is good for the soul.

9. Whoa. Venting is also a good way to lose track of time....I just about missed the busstop there.

10. I hope I don't have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for at least 10 years. I can do it. I just don't want to.

11. My brother in law and his wife got airline tickets to meet my inlaws in South Carolina next week for their first anniversary. We got a picture frame, decorated with roses and a hallmarky sentiment next to the opening for the picture. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth and all of that...but really...

12. I don't know why, after 15 years of knowing them, do I hope that my inlaws would treat my husband the same way they treat his brother and sister. Blind optimism, I guess.

13. The recent overplaying of the Ipod commercial with Eminem makes me realize how much I still am crushing on him.

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