Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yesterday's flurries gradually transformed into a mini snowfall of an inch or two, which mixed with rain and left everything all icy and crisp. And today was 70 and sunny. Hello virus season.

The Bruins game was fun, uneventful - but fun. The kids were on the jumbotron which always makes for big excitement.

I usually spend my Sundays worshiping at the House of Belichick. But this morning I was going to stand on my pulpit (I have a pulpit???) and proselytize about a little something that might be referred to as a MIRACLE. My friends, the miracle of silicone bakeware.

Let me preface this by saying that I cannot bake a cookie. Not a good one anyway. I follow the recipes. The directions for non-stick. I purchase new baking powder and soda. And yet? Flat cookies that always, ALWAYS stick to the cookie sheet. Sometimes they burn othertimes undercooked. Even when they're in the oven for the exact same amount of time. I mean, really, was I doomed to make brownies for every bake sale/family event forever???

And then....

I have been drawn to the red for some time now. The color of the devil you say? HAH. Well then it was the devil that made these cookies slide off these sheets like newly sharpened skates on freshly zambonied ice so grab me a pitchfork, I'm heading to Georgia with my new friend. The cookies were browned to perfection and just about jumped off those pretty red sheets. And the cleanup? What cleanup? A quick wash in warm soapy water (you can dishwasher 'em but they're awfully floppy) and done. Roll them up and stuff them in a corner of the cabinet.

***LALALALALA**not hearing yesterday's warning from Susie Sunshine ***LALALALALA**

But now? Warnings are meant to be heeded. Especially if they might make sense. Solid chemicals + heat + food could be a pretty potent combo. So they will stay rolled up in the cupboard, at least until I can no longer resist their siren song. Which I swear will NOT be tomorrow. I swear. But Christmas cookies....I may be powerless to resist.

*Update: But wait...what is silpat? Sili-something. Maybe there is light at the end of my tunnel.

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