Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny


1…. The construction paper I bought is all different. Only 5 colors, no blue or yellow(?!?!?!?) and only the red, black and orange are actual construction paper. The green and pink are like colored copy paper. How's a mom supposed to make feathers for indian headbands with that?

2. Survivor this evening. And work. I'm on the verge of graduating from VCR to DVR. Is it worth it?

3. I purchased some tickets for a Bruins game awhile back for our family and another family. The tickets are mailed in a plain white envelope. They came, I remember opening the envelope. And now? Missing. Damn ticketmaster and their plain white envelopes.

4. Am driving my son to school today because now, with typing these thirteen things, I'm running late.

5. My husband drove to Maine for the day yesterday, to pack up the gas grill and stuff and get some firewood. It was sunny and warm up there. And cold and rainy down here with no break in the forecast apparently. Lucky guy.

6. I have an old copy of The Prince and the Pauper, published in 1909. The binding needs repair. Badly. There must be places that do things like that I would think. The book has a stamp inside that says Mary Immaculate Lending Library, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish. My parents stole must've "borrowed" it from our church at one point. Nice, no wonder they refused to let me get confirmed.

7. This new card making hobby I'm attempting to start? Well, I still kind of suck but I signed up for a class and I'm in love with all of the products, the paper, pens, glues, etc...

8. My neighbor's are finally in their house and are no longer living behind us, hooked up to our water. Phew. I might have mentioned this before, but really...phew.

9. I know most of you would be sort of in agreement with my thinking the lady in yesterday's post was out of her mind. I reread it and it sounds rather holier-than-thou but I was mostly just stunned and typing it out sort of gets it off my mind.

10. I am taking the girlie to Build a Bear tomorrow for a no holds barred, spending way too much money on a stuffed animal adventure. We are very excited.

11. I broke down and bought each of my kids a lunchable this week for lunch.

12. Ususally there are family members who cannot make it over for the girlie's party (hey, for the first time I started to type her name instead of "the girlie") due to work schedules and what-have-you. This year, because it's supposed to pour? Everyone's coming.

13. My kids have had enough of mom typing and are now fighting. *Sigh* I'm done.

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