Saturday, October 29, 2005

You guys...thank you. It was a big crappy ass decision to have to make and the support I got from all of you made it that much easier. So thank you.

So you all are fans of the quilt? Or were you just being kind to my wounded spirit? Either are the details.

1. I ordered it from Plow and Hearth. I can't even thread a sewing machine and if I can't use that iron on stitch witchery it ain't happenin'. This is the quilt I almost ordered instead. I still love it, so maybe some day.

2. I make my bed like this every day. I can't sleep in an unmade bed. The sheets feel all weird and somehow different if they haven't spent their day covered up nicely by blankets and the quilt.

3. I do, however, keep my old comforter underneath the quilt and I take the quilt off every night, you know, so sleep germs don't get on it.

Today is being spent in a sports related blur. Hockey (my son's team is 5-0. yee-haw Mites C-2!), soccer (in the snow today people. It was flurrying! yee-haw for the first snow of the season) and a Bruins game tonight (no yee-haw for prohockey but a night out with friends and free tickets for the kids does score it a bonus).

Tomorrow the fall cleanup day in the yard is on the schedule. Snow today and 65 degrees and sunny tomorrow. um. okay. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank whoever schedules the ice time for the hockey league. There is no where I'd rather be at 5:45 on Christmas Eve morning than at the ice rink.

I'm off to whip up some cookies and try out my new silicone baking mats. I'm still an unbeliever in the whole silicone movement although I did buy some basting brushes based on a recommendation by this lady and I'm enjoying them. We shall see...

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