Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thirteen on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. My son found his christmas gift, the big gift, in the back of my car. Completely on accident. Damn.

2. The stink bug from the previous post crawled away over the paperwork on my desk as I was finished typing and is now MIA. Damn.

3. Thursdays is the day I make a big breakfast for the kids and today I have no eggs with which to make french toast, pancakes or waffles. Damn.

4. My boss just told me I'd never work twenty hours a week and therefore be eligible for benefits at the job I have now. Damn.

5. My son was offered a spot on the winter dome soccer team and cannot accept because of hockey. Damn.

6. The son learned to play chess last night in like fifteen minutes and is now giving a lesson to his friend. Is it really that easy? Because I STILL don't know how to play.

7. We're heading up to Maine tomorrow for a few days.

8. My keyboard or blogger is very slow to show what I'm typing here and it's making me crazy.

9. I just got my 2005 calendar and can't wait to write all of our stuff in.

10. My parents live nearby and my mom cannot go to work because the entire downtown area of her city has been evacuated due to a potential dam break.
Here's a pic of the 173 year old wooden dam. They're pumping water out and rerouting it but we're supposed to get four inches of rain on Sunday. So they might be right back where they started.

11. Ah, crap. I'm supposed to go to a card making class tonight and there is no place I want to be less than a card making class tonight. Good-bye non-refundable deposit.

12. As one of the many benefits of being five my daughter got her library card today.

13. I think I'd like to get this quilt, for no specific reason as I just got a new one last year but it's green and corduroy. And those are reasons enough for me.

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InterstellarLass said...

At first I thought we were going with the Damn. theme there! Whew! Great list though! Here's my 13.

leanne said...

I was thinking the Damn. thing would be an ongoing theme too, topped off with the Dam. Damn!

I don't know how to play chess either. And my 4 year old figured out how to play some strange card game on the computer that I still don't know how to play. How dumb am I? Damn! LOL

Have a good trip this weekend!