Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wow, you guys...there was so much love for my kitchen items. I would gladly cook each and every one of you a big 'ole banana bread. If you were here. And you're not. Plus I'm out of bananas.

Update: My mistake, the orange bowl is NOT Tupperware. It's Rubbermaid. It's was around before I met my husband which makes it a minimum of 15 years old. There are newer models out there, see thru versions of the same thing, made by OXO I think, but I'll be sticking with rusty orange.

It's only supposed to be grey and rainy for the next six days. Fun.

My daughter picked out her Halloween costume. She's going for the standard black garbed Grim Leaper. A sad frog? No. She just thought it was Leaper and not Reaper and I refuse to correct her. Somethings are too cute to be messed with.

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