Thursday, October 06, 2005

I would most certainly die without these.

The great honor of Show and Tell Chooser was bestowed upon me this week. Actually, last week but someone, and she knows who she is, was just a teensy impatient. Or A LOT impatient but that is neither here nor there. And really, I've been a blogging slacker lately, asleep behind the to say, and I wouldn't wait around for me either.

And now...

Kitchen Item(s) I cannot live without. And yes, I'm posting two.

First is my cast iron skillet. It's about ten years old and almost seasoned to perfection. It cooks everything from quesadillas to bacon to the best pork roast in the world. Wait, in the world? I meant in the UNIVERSE.

Pro: Doubles as handy weapon.

Con: Stored in the oven, have preheated oven 3 million times with pan still inside.

This beauty? It was a staple in my mother in law's kitchen for many years. I coveted this rust orange tupperware bowl. Heavy duty, handle AND pouring spout...many years before they were standard features on lesser brands. It was her gift to me at my bridal shower. I treasure it.

What we made today using my lovely orange bowl. Banana bread anyone?

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