Monday, October 10, 2005

Did I get anything accomplished this weekend? No, no and no. Dammit, how did three days escape from my clutches? I got a few things almost done but have managed to lazy my way through this entire weekend. Read some Vanity Fair, played gameboy with the son and my little pony with the daughter, put up some fall decorations - but not all of them because, eh, didn't feel like it, didn't even START the daughter's birthday party stuff even though I 'm working two nights this week and meh, what's a little pressure?, fell asleep really early and didn't do any of the work I planned on finishing up.

I'm thinking of switching up the girlie's pre-school because this year it's basically morphed into a daycare with lots of love but little to no pre-school structure. School wise, the girlie is set...she can write all the letters and can spell our names and knows her colors, shapes, address, birthday, etc...all that stuff. I'm wondering if the lack of Pre-K will hurt her at all next year. She's pretty bored at this place and switching her out will require MAJOR rescheduling next year when she's in Kindergarten.

we have a half day K, which will either be morning or afternoon - no way to tell as I live on the 1/2 way point in town and my street isn't decided until the bus company finalizes their route in August. And then if I do get, say, mornings? It switches to Afternoons in January. Why? Well, because apparently they THINK that everyone wants mornings and it's not fair for some people to get mornings all to fuck with all of us who have to work they switch it up. Thanks, because that just makes everyone's life easier. NOTE to all parents who think things should go their way ALL OF THE TIME: Suck it the hell up. You get afternoons? Deal with it. All year even.

The preschool dilemma remains. Switch her out and pay more money for undoubtedly a better program but one that will NOT meet any of my needs next year and may require her to return to her original place or leave her where she is and hope for the best.

Am I being an overacheiving freak? Is preschool THAT important? As I type this I'm thinking not, but when I rifle through her stuff and notice that once again she hasn't done anything at school today I feel kind of negligent.

Okay, so this post has turned into a ranty type thing, and I should so be working. And now it's late.

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