Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last week after an especially LOUD discussion about just how mean I actually am I had my son write five things he liked about me (and I wrote five about him, just to be you know, kind of fair). He got three done in a quick minute and then complained that there were only THREE good things about me as I was just so mean. Well, take a look at the third thing on the list. Yeah. Um, okay guiltmeister. The worst part? At this point he knew nothing of the whole move to turn Freddie over to the shelter/rescue league that we've been working toward. We'd mentioned it in passing right after the whole bite incident but have kept mum since then because I didn't think it was fair to tell the kids and leave it openended with no real resolution.

So that was an unsolicited statement of luuuuve. Super. And the Grand Prize Winner in the category of Mother Who Will Crush Her Son's Heart into Tiny Little Pieces is.....

Maybe I will just take him places and buy him stuff. He seems to like that too.


Lisa said...

Ohhh... how many times has Fred bitten, and why?

Our shih tsu nips at Britty here and there... She never draws blood, but it hurts Brit's feelings. So we have a talk about how it's bad to get in the dog's face when she is chilling under the table, and how "growling" or "barking" mean "leave me alone".

But that's just our house, our kid and our dog. Everyone's different.

I don't think you're mean, by the way. I think you're not being a good mom if they think you are nice all the time. :)

I remember sending Brit to time out once, and she put up a fight. I told her to "GO NOW!" and she turned around, hand on hip and yelled, "YOU JUST WANT ME TO GO TO MY ROOM!". My response: "That's right! Go!" Then I had to laugh... you know.. after she closed the door.

vw bug said...

I like the idea. I may need to use it soon. Well, he'll have to say them out loud as he can't write. But I certainly hear Bad Mommy enough these days.