Friday, October 28, 2005

For Blackbird, my show and tell. Here's my bed. Not terribly comfortable but will do for now. The quilt though, I love my quilt. Flannel and cordury, with plaid. I love plaid. Anyway, it just reminds me of fall and winter and makes me feel cozy and homey with a passing glance.

I dropped Fred off today. Last night was tough, telling the kids he had to go. Disagree with me if you want but I lied to them. Instead of telling them he was going back to the shelter (which my son knows might mean he may not get adopted as we had many discussions about it after adopting Fred from there last year - although he doesn't know what happens to the dogs that don't get adopted - it never got that far, but this time he just might ask) I told them that a friend of a girl I work with was taking him in. And that she doesn't have children so there will never be any worries that he might bite or get growly at any other little ones. I have created quite a picture in my own mind and can almost convince myself that he might end up in a home like that. Denial is my friend.

Working for the town, and having a lab that's been picked up four or five times I kind of know the Animal Control guy, Dave and told me that he'll make a few phone calls to rescue leagues and other places that he knows as they are more likely to help him out than they were to help me out. I was honest with him about the biting and food issues. He didn't seem too worried but I also told him to never tell me what happened to Fred even if I come in there crying and begging him. Which I wouldn't do. But I wanted to cover all my bases.

I'm totally okay with this, really though. It had to be done. But I'll miss him.

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