Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So unless something changes the son has officially made the B hockey team and the husband is the head coach. But, because this organization takes itself waaaay to seriously - we are NOT supposed to know. It is to be business as usual until the teams are finalized. Instead, our friend - the boy's coach from this year - called us at 11:00 p.m. last night after the meeting to give me the lowdown.

The husband was one of the lucky ones. Apparently some of the higher ups actually take the trouble to stack the board of directors to ensure there's enough votes to get certain coaches appointed. A few good coaches got squeezed out by this little end run. The politics of it all kind of boggles my mind.

The trial started Monday for the husband's employer. I can't remember all the charges...mail fraud - probably the least important one of them all - is the only one that ever comes to mind. My husband is apparently loyal to a fault. He was offered another job with a smaller less established company. The details aren't important but the end result with this smaller company would've been alot more money in our pockets every week. He's scared to be the new guy on the block, so scared it would seem, that I think (and this could change by the time I speak to him again) he's staying put.


Oh, did I mention that I think he should jump ship?

On the bright side, the boy got a basketball hoop for his birthday and I can honestly say... we suck.

I have to add that I am so glad the birthday party stuff is done with. I may post about it - and probably will because I am still kind of annoyed and if I post it here no one in my real life will have to listen to me.


Amy said...

what a tough decision for hubby to make. It is always scary to be new kid on the block, but a bigger paycheck can help pay for a little office party to get to know everyone...okay, that was my warped idea. Sorry.

Birthday stuff is always innocently fun for kids and such a political nightmare for the parents, isn't it? I'm glad it is behind you. Now, go out there and practice hoops while the kids are at school!

SneakyPeek said...

~Pulls Up Chair~

Ok, go ahead.