Monday, April 02, 2007

Daisy Scout Correspondence or Why I Want to Scream by Six Thirty on Thursday Evenings

oh yeah; you know how we have trash pick up planned on a certain day? about if we ask for a volunteer (s) (parent?) to 'trash it up' for us? you know; sort of litter
out on the fields of twc...maybe in the playground area ;' or near the edges we won't get in the way if there is something going on....
it can be easy stuff for the girls to pick up; like plastic bottles...crumpled up newspaper...nothing gross.!!!!!!

Note: Fucking "Trash it up"? Seriously, she'd have someone go and litter all over the place. I'm sure the parks department would LOVE that idea. (And no they wouldn't as I spoke with the chairman yesterday)

My reply to her: "As far as the trash pickup goes, if the girls miss even one piece of rubbish we’ve essentially done a disservice to the park. I think they could handle picking up real trash, it may be a little gross but littering is gross and that’s the whole point"

Jenn and I have to find out 1.) the weather for next Thursday!!,
and 2.) if we can do this outside of the library......
*****Hey Jenn....let's look into the old Town Hall right near the library!!!!
we will let all of you know before next meeting where the egg hunt will be. stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
********important!!!! have the girls wear their daisy tunics next week! a.) if they are outside; they will be recognized as girl scouts...not just little girls running around !!!! and b.) they can put their plastic eggs that they find in their little pockets of the tunics!!!!!!!!

Note: (gah! what's with the italics?? - sorry it's copying her format) Next to the Old Town Hall, eh? Okay, let's review. This building sits at the convergence of three main roads and one of the town's two stop lights. There's also a parking area and a deep detention basin as well as landscaped flower beds...perfect for tuniced little girls to be running through.

I will do that today...
if anyone is Willing to try to sell the remaining would be helpful; otherwise; we have to buy them.

Note: So many oooooos and yyyyyys - whyyyyyyy?

S: please still plan on bringing snack/drink because there is a separate area away from the tumbling area especially for snack-time.

Note: Yeah, S. Please bring a snack because the girls only have fifty minutes in this tumbling class we paid entirely too much to attend and I think it's VITAL that they take ten minutes of that time to have cupcakes and juice boxes. Not that we could do this after the class - that would make too much sense.

B suggested Summer Vacations.
Please bring in 4 or 5 pics that your girl
has happy summer vacation memories of.
actually a lot of our best vacations have been in the winter...I was thinking just "vacations" as the theme, what do others think?

Note: What do the others think? The others think that entirely too much time was wasted actually thinking it mattered. Summer vacations or winter vacations....hmmm...a scrapbook made in daisies by a six year old....let's call it 'Vacations' and get over it.

Oh, and a point of clarification - the colors, fonts and dubious use of exclamation points and asteriks? Not my doing. Once I got an email saying she couldn't make the meeting. In eight point Bernhard Fashion (go, try it out...).

So glad it's April.


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Amy said...

so glad I had a boy. so glad I had a boy. so glad I had a boy. so glad I had a boy....

Sarah Louise said...

Wowza. That is some sort of brainwashing or braintwisting or CRAZYMAKING going on there.

Good luck!!

SneakyPeek said...

I have a much better plan for Thursday nights.

If ya know what I mean ...

(wink wink)

Lisa said...

Isn't scouting fun? Every meeting week, I get both an email detailing the upcoming meeting AND a voice mail. Just in case I'm not ON my email every 3 minutes or so.

I got hit up for extra boxes, too. I'm thinking, hey, I already bought $28 worth, and besides you're BLOWING all the proceeds at a Build-A-Bear party.

Instead of paying next years' dues, like I suggested. They could still do something smaller than freaking Build-A-Bear.