Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some random Tuesday Stuff

My computer is full. Or nearly so. A few weeks ago I had to dump about 500 meaningless pictures so that I'd have room to add 500 more meaningless pictures and a few Weird Al songs for the boy's shuffle. Are external hard drives easy to hook up? Does it just need a USB connection? Anyone?

*vent*I want to quit Daisy Scouts. I've recently discovered that the lady who is a co-leader with me, well she apparently never says no to her kids. Her kindergardener is up until 10:00 p.m. and she literally stopped the meeting in it's tracks so that she could question all of us as to how we got our kids into bed so early and she got all fake airheady and amazed "oh my god, did you hear that T? They go to bed at 8:00...how come you don't go to bed at 8:00?" ugh. And her son, literally runs wild through the library for the hour long meeting (we see the children's librarian speaking to him frequently) and interupts the meeting at least five times. And she takes cell phone calls during the whole meeting too. */end vent*

15+ inches of ice. Too bad it's almost too cold to skate.

One of our best friends just had some pretty major surgery. She made it through okay and her cyst wasn't malignant so we are breathing a huge sigh of relief. She called me on Sunday to tell me to take care of her husband and to let me know that if I or another friend was to end up with him somehow to make sure we keep him in line and to be kind of bitchy towards him because that's what he's used to.

A point of clarification : Hosting a "bookless" book club does not constitute a girl's night out for the hostess. Not that my husband reads this, I'm just sayin'.


Jennifer said...

Sorry can't help you with that kind of computer question. But good luck with that!

Glad to hear your friend will be okay. I had to giggle out loud at what she said to you.

clarification understood :)

Twist of Kate said...

OMG! I don't blame you for wanting to quit...that is so unexceptable. And lame.

I wonder how many meaningless photos I can get rid of??? :)

Amy said...

We use little memory sticks at the office (we call them 'keys') and they just plug right into your USB port and then work like a separate drive (like your C: drive or your D: drive) to save stuff to. That would be one way to do it. I'm no expert but plug in, save to and pull out, I'm all in favor of!

We tried to do Cub Scouts. The first meeting they announced they didn't have a leader for our groups so could someone volunteer? None of us had any idea about Cub Scouts, and my whole point of joining was so that my son might have a MALE ROLE MODEL to look up to, so when another mom volunteered to lead, we quit. End of Scouts for us. I think I'd somehow have to point out to this woman that the meetings aren't supplying the girls with what they need because of all the leader's distractions. But I'm rude like that sometimes. Maybe only in my head, but still.

How are you liking "Memory Keeper's Daugher"? It's on my list to read...