Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a balmy twenty seven degrees today...

I think the word verification guys are privately applauding my newly honed skill of correctly typing their mumbo jumbo and are now giving me 15 letter things to type in.

Our Uno tournament has gone from weekend long to winter long and now my daughter is regularly saying things like "let's take it downtown" and then hits me with a Reverse, reverse, skip, draw two, draw two, six.

Let's take it downtown???

She's winning by a thousand points.

There are all these people posting about all these books that they've been buying/reading. I feel like an addict getting a fix when I read these things. And my 'to read' list keeps growing and growing...

Amy's been doing these fantastic book reviews and I will try to follow suit. I've just read the bestselling "The Memory Keeper's Daughter".


What? You expected more?


~**Dawn**~ said...

stupid word verification. bugs me senseless. yet every time i try to remove it from my blog, the spammers divebomb me. how do they even know that quickly?!

MommaK said...

I'm reading "Goodnight Nobody" right now. Love it.

How's that for a review?

We say Uno "YouKNow" just to be funny. My very old grandomother says it that way on accident and it stuck.

Sarah Louise said...

"Goodnight Nobody" rocks!!

I never realized how tyrannical six year olds could be, but yeah. It's not even playing a game--it's watching them play a game.

cady said...

i love uno, although joe does the same things your daughter does. heh.

Jennifer said...

I can not stand word verification.. But understand the need. Why did you give up on Haloscan?