Wednesday, January 19, 2005

At the School for the hopelessly inept

Things I have learned in the last day or two....

Turn your winshield wipers OFF when you shut your car off. This really doesn't apply to anyone A. With a garage or
B. Not in a snowy place
but when you leave them on and then six inches of fluffy, dry snow piles up on your winshield and then you, say, turn your car on with the door open you will get snow not only all over the floor in the car, but also the seat, the arm rest with all of the window buttons and ALL inside that nice little side pocket where I keep all of the bank deposit slips (and the lollipop stash from said bank).

Toothaches suck.
I don't know if it's a sinus infection or just a standard toothache. Never really had a toothache before so I'm no expert... But my sinuses are all screwy from this cold/virus thing that's been plagued me for the past two weeks and now my teeth on one side of my mouth are aching.

Okay, so it was just two things, but seeing as it is the school for the hopelessly inept I wouldn't want to over do it.

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