Monday, January 10, 2005

Don't say I never gave you anything

Not that I don't like to share, well, okay never mind that because I don't really like to share.

But where my kids are concerned I'm pretty generous. So, far be it for me to keep all of that glorious illness to myself. Oh no kiddies, here have some cough and malaise, you want some fever too do ya? Well, here's a double dose. Stuffy nose and headache, c'mon there's plenty to go around don't be shy...

The girlie won the fever contest we held yesterday with a 104.0 degree whopper. The grand prize? She was the one chosen by the gods of illness to vomit up her dinner.

We are home today, all feeling better and very thankful the weekend is over.

The boy had a hockey game on Saturday. Just wondering, but why do other coaches feel that cheating is completely acceptable practice? There are ALOT of rules regarding the players and their shifts and their ages. Why have a 10 year old in this league? Does it make beating the five to eight year olds that much more satisfying? And why send your best player out on every line? And then deny it to our coach? We all saw it dumbass. It might work if your best player wasn't also 2 feet taller than the little guys on our first line. Whatever. Good teaching the kids there fella.

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