Saturday, January 22, 2005

Okay, in a house surrounded by 90 foot tall pine trees makes being in a blizzard a bit more interesting. They sway. ALOT. A few years ago 1/2 of one flew off and landed on our house, smashing the roof in pretty good. That was fun.

But presently it is snowing - heavily. They're predicting 24+ inches, topping out at around 30 plus the 5 we already have. That is a shitload of snow. I am totally loving it. The wind though is supposed to gust to 75 miles per hour. Do I like the combination of big wind with tall pines? Not so much.

We are predicting the big power outage to hit sometime too. We lose the electricity alot during storms. The added bonus being that we have an artesian well and without electricity we don't have water. We have a woodstove so losing the furnace isn't a really major issue.

There's about 8 -10 inches so far out there, it's really hard to tell because the wind is really blowing right now. The husband is out plowing. He plows a huge parking lot for a commuter rail train using a backhoe. He swears it's boring. I bet he's right.

I'm trying to take a bunch of pics and hopefully I'll post them tomorrow. And tomorrow don't forget to tune in at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time to see the Patriots kick the collective asses of the Steelers. Sorry Kate and Tara, maybe next year will be your year. Or then again - maybe not. ;)

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