Thursday, December 30, 2004

Well, an update...

After the hysterics died down (mind you, he's seven years old) we ate dinner and jammied up to watch Scooby Doo 2. There was much cooperation, manners and all around good naturedness.

Today, after breakfast we allowed the return of three toys, his choice, with the exception of any video games. He chose three lego sets, finished one, played memory with his sister and got to work on another set. Still-with the politeness and manners.

And get this, his cousin is coming over and he is so VERY excited because he gets to choose two more toys this afternoon (barring the return of any negative/rude/uncooperative behavior) to play with his cousin, who is also seven. If only you could see how stinkin' happy these additional two toys are making him. Later today, the son and I are going to go through the stuff from his room to weed out the stuff he doesn't really like. Which, by the way, I did the week before Christmas and at the time I thought I did a really thorough job.

Now, the cousin is a video game junkie and plays with virtually nothing else. I'm sure he will be less than impressed when he's denied use of the new Gamecube and I know he'll come with his gameboy so I'm curious to see how my son handles the fact that his is put away. I have prepared him but he's knows his cousin as well as I do. Alas, my girlie has a doctor's appointment and while I suffer the joy of pinning her down for her shots - my husband will be here with the boys.

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