Saturday, December 11, 2004

Well, Fred hasn't taken anyone's fingers off yet, so that's a good thing.

My best friend and I had a huge misunderstanding. No argument or anything, just hurt feelings compounded onto other hurt feelings. And mature adults that we are, we never spoke of it, we just kind of started avoiding each other. Well, she sends me our usual 'how are things going with you guys' general email yesterday and I just sort of spilled my guts about the hurt feelings in response.

Turns out she felt the exact same way (we had made a new 'couple friend' and she felt all left out and then her and her boyfriend had made a new 'couple friend' and I felt all left out) but never wanted to tell me because she felt silly and selfish. I cannont believe the relief that I'm feeling, it must have been weighing on me so much more than I thought. And now I feel like I got THE best Christmas present I could've hoped for.

I'm off to make brownies and some chocolate covered strawberries for the hockey team Christmas party, see ya!

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