Thursday, December 02, 2004

Deep Breath & Bed Time - The Perfect Elixir

Ah, things are looking up. The kiddies are sound asleep, yucky Ami was voted off the island and my mother in law is taking the girlie for a special day with Nana tomorrow. And not because I called her begging and crying, although the thought did cross my mind.

The playdate chitchat with the mom was okay. Just not my type of girl, can't love everyone - y'know? And her kids, YIKES. Terrors. The boy threw, not one but three FITS, not just throwing a little attitude around, but all out fits. And then after the boys were asked to clean up the fort they made and he flat out refused (excuse me while I brag, but the son jumped right in on the clean up) I went out to help b/c some of the stuff was heavy and he gave me a bunch of attitude with dirty looks. Now, you can disrespect your parents to some degree, everyone needs to blow off steam, but I do not tolerate my kids disrespecting ANY other adults. So that might be the last we see of this kid.

But it was the two hours of the day where my girl was a total angel and seeing as it's all about appearances it was perfect.

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