Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Well, blog happiness aside, nothing much is going on here.

We have instituted a one hour time limit on all electronic games on school days (with the option to earn bonuses for certain extra special things, like, say getting your flouride treatment at the dentist for the first time in three years - the last few times this son of my fought like a wildcat - Dude, it's grape flavored goo, Chill out.) because he gets a little bleary eyed and grouchy. So no more of that.

And we're using the old soap in the mouth trick to the girlie who talks more like a 47 year old sailor man. Seems to be working but time will tell. Knowing her she'll probably decide that calling her mom a "dummy fat head" is worth the taste of Dawn dishwashing soap.

We took the pictures for the Christmas Card today, down by the pond. I don't use my digital b/c the regular camera is WAY better for these type of shots so I can't share. Oh, and you all may never see my bathroom. It's bad, it's worse than bad. Well, maybe not worse than bad but I'm not thrilled by it so we'll see. Have a good night, I'm off to work.

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